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    i’m looking for really nice tznius dresses and can’t seem to find them anywhere. all my friends get their dresses is NY (i live out of town) and going to NY is not an option right now. i also have a budget that i am trying to watch. i’m looking for something a little fancier than just a shabbos outfit. my friends are all starting to get engaged and married, and when i go to the chassunas, i want to look nice and presentable.

    anyone know of any stores that aren’t too expensive, or any on line sites that are from frum companies, or are known to have tzniusdik apparel?

    thanks in advance!


    A friend of mine did very well at Davids Bridal. You will probably need to add a jacket or sleeves and a top (and I heard from more than one person not to do it with them) but you can probably find something to work with. I think they have a website.




    google Modest clothes and see what you find. Also if you order clothes from the manufacturer you can ask if they will make it according to your measurements, add sleeves or send extra fabric.


    My wife says “filenes basement” (which i think is now part of the syms chain) has a nice selection. perhaps there is one in your neck of the woods.


    thanx everyone! i’ll try ’em all!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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