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    I’m new here but see that there is baruch hashem a lot of interest by people to keep the tznius standards. One thing that was not yet discussed is HOW we women should do so. So I think this would be a good opportunity to review some of the basics:

    * One’s appearance must appear refined and respectable. Unrefined, dirty, or otherwise unfit clothing is immodest.

    * Bright colored clothing or clothing that otherwise attracts attention are not permitted.

    * A woman’s knees, elbows and collarbone must remain covered. One should make sure that one’s garments do not reveal these when one sits, raises one’s arm, gets into or our of a car or any other normal activities.

    * Skirts may not have a slit, even if it remains below the knee.

    * Clothes must be loose fitting.

    * A married woman must cover her hair. All her hair must be covered, only the slightest amount (a tefach) is permitted to remain uncovered and many authorities are stringent even concerning this.

    * An unmarried woman’s hair should be short or tied back, such as in a braid.

    * Makeup and perfume is intended to beautify a wife for her husband, beyond this it should be used scarcely if at all.

    * A woman’s singing voice is a very intimate part of who she is, and is not appropriate for the public.

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