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    i love coffe

    I am having some problems with the standards of tzniut now a days. There are so many girls going with mini skirts and tight shirts. Shouldnt we jews promote tzniut as a nice package and actually make the girls want to dress tzniutly?

    i recently bought 2 long skirts at a jewish online store for a pretty expensive price. I cant really find skirts long enough in stores locally but i also have to dress tzniutly. I cant really afford the price i paid for those 2 skirts but what am i supposed to do, dress naked?

    Well, besides the point, i google searched modest clothing and found some muslim websites selling almost the same thing as the jewish websites for half the price! i could not believe it. The clothing was much prettier, cheaper, and more tzniut! And no, im not talking about their hijabs (which i think is still more tzniut than what we wear nowadays) or their jilbabs. I actally saw the same skirts that i bought. Its much more affordable and i would probably dress more tzniutly, but i also wouldnt want to give my money to muslims and rather give it to my jewish people. But arent they taking advantage of our money? What to do.


    I think that’s hilarious. Get in touch with their suppliers and open a shop.


    Talking from personal experience, it’s possible to sometimes go on websites of “regular” stores (jcpenney, etc) and find skirts in a tall size (only the length is different).


    The Best Bubby

    I would be interested in the “other” website please. In europe it is VERY DIFFICULT to get clothes that are tzniut, and if you go to any kosher places that they sell from their homes it is out of date and not nice plus it is 10x more expensive! Thank you.


    My wife regularly shops at places like the Goodwill Store, the Salvation Army (yes, i know it’s a church), second-hand re-sell stores and the like. The other day there was a “sample sale” in town, where she got about 10 skirts, several tops and paid less than $75 for the whole bundle. And she always finds beautiful clothes. I live in a top-10 size city in the US, so there must be similar in other towns where frum Jews live, no?

    Sister Bear

    I don’t recall ever buying things from Jewish stores. I find that they push stuff onto you that most of the time isn’t even Tznius, plus really expensive.

    There is someone that comes, The Man With The Truck, he has a store in Brooklyn somewhere that has long skirts for really cheap.

    My short skirts (that are below my knees) you can find in regular non-Jewish stores unless you are really tall.

    And tops, just get a bigger size even though it might make you feel fatter ;).


    Ladies. please don’t be ridiculous!!! You can definitely find Tznius clothing, it’s the Yetzer Hara trying to make the difficulty, Where there is a will there is a way!! If only each and everyone of you would look at the true beauty of dressing and acting in a Tzniusdig fashion. Thats the real beauty!! Chazak!!!

    i love coffe

    the best bubby- there is at least one jewish website that know of called


    c’mon, it’s just the yetzer hara, yes its hard to find clothes that is nice but tznius, but that’s what we do, for tznius we pay more. And if you know how to shop, you can find tznius stuff by goyish stores on sale… you don’t have to pay top dollar for everything. Learn to shop at the right times, after the winter season is over and everything’s on sale find cotton long sleeve tops/skirts… you’d be amazed. And believe it or not, i recently had something sewn and it was really incredible. With the material and the labor, the amount she charged me was still less than a regular shabbos suit/dress in a local frum clothing store. It was so well made that no one could tell it was sewn. Why don’t we do more of that?


    Here is a links page for online tznius clothing sellers:


    Sister bear, is there a way you can tell me when and where The Man with the Truck comes? I’m also having a super hard time with tznius clothes- mainly tops. i’ve been wearing the same 2 and I’m going out of my mind!


    maybe the males should just stay out of this topic?

    Sister Bear

    sms007 – when we get the postcard in the mail that he’s coming I can tell you more. I think he comes to the tri state area. He doesn’t sell tops.

    If you are looking for tops you should try Basic Colors. They also have a store in Brooklyn. Here is their number, (347) 673-5331, you can call them and ask where they go. I do think they go farther than The Man with the Truck since they go to Baltimore.

    Good Luck!!!!!!!


    basic colors i’ve been to (bought grear pretied bandanas there for three dollars each!!!), but keep me posted on the man with the truck! thanks 🙂

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