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    Is it my imagination or are more people making U Turns in the middle of the road?

    I was almost hit yesterday by a car making a U Turn in the middle of Ave. M. This is not the first time either. The only difference this time was there was a truck coming in the opposite direction. With Hashem watching over me I was able to swerve and miss both the car and the truck. I am begging people to stop making U Turns in the middle of the street – it is dangerous not to mention illegal! And if someone has to die to prove my point – well that already happened. My husband’s classmate was killed making a U Turn on Ocean Ave. on Erev Shabbos! Is it worth it? Take the extra 5 minutes PLEASE and go around the block. Hashem should watch over all of us when we drive always but let us drive safely.


    I believe it is legal to make a u-turn at most intersections. Only certain streets it is illegal (Ocean Pkwy, Coney Island Ave., etc.)

    It should be done very safely when done.

    Oh Shreck!

    Maybe the driver was in the process of “GRABBING” a coveted parking spot. Have you no rachmonus on those poor fellows?


    ya it was even worse when i was driving on coney island ave in flatbush and this police guy was going in the other direction and he saw a double parked car in my direction so he quickly just made a U-turn without caring to look and i had to make a short stop and almost hit him as he flew around into my side cuz he “had” to run to give the guy a ticket!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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