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    Neville ChaimBerlin

    Warning: this post might be kind of boring.

    Can someone please explain why, on the topic of uber and lyft, the political parties are swapped? Republicans, including popular voices like Sean Hannity, are suddenly anti-private business and pro-government monopoly (traditional yellow cabs). Is it just that a bunch of conservatives invested in taxi medallions at some point and now they’re bitter that the free market capitalism they claim to support has come back to bite them?



    I don’t know Sean Hannity’s position, but can you tell me of others that agree that The Medallion system is better than Uber?



    I believe that those against it claim that the externalities make it unfair.



    I didn’t hear that Hannity bit, but there is more to it than that. I had a libertarian economist graduate school professor who loved the concept of anything like Uber. That was because it disrupted the government monopoly, and allowed the freedom for people to do as they pleased economically.
    However, if Hannity is against Uber, as a fellow city-boy I feel the same way. If I can’t stand the way people are driving and I think they’re a moron, why do I now trust them to drive me around? Personally, I have an affinity for professionals. Truckers, Bus Drivers, etc. And also I’m not into this whole thing of some people having to pay Hack fees, and others doing the same but without doing so. That is a double-standard that I don’t know how they get away with. But, I know some cities wouldn’t let Uber in unless the drivers paid a nonsense fee to the city!


    Neville ChaimBerlin

    “If I can’t stand the way people are driving and I think they’re a moron, why do I now trust them to drive me around?”

    Because taxi cab drivers are notoriously reckless. Uber and Lyft drivers are normal people who are not above the law (unlike someone working for a state monopoly). I have an affinity for working people like truckers as well, but NOT NYC taxi drivers. They drive like sociopaths and make the roads unsafe.

    Yitz: I know mayor Rob Ford and his brother were against it in Canada despite taking mostly conservative positions on other things. Upon further research, it seems like most normal conservative people oppose regulation on them. Hannity might be somewhat of a daas yochid on this; he probably owns medallions. That’s pretty embarrassingly bad journalism if he does.



    Maybe Sean Hannity invested in taxi medallions. After all, he was a client of Michael Cohen, who invested in medallions.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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