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    do you think the breslevers shoulg go this year?


    I’m honestly hoping they won’t need to go cause I really hope klal yisroel will finally wake themselves up-yes myself included-and smell the coffee and FACE REALITY.

    If we wake up now to a time of pre Mashiach serious teshuva and Achdus together as one loving nation together worldwide then we will all be able to see Rav Nachman of Breslov live and well in Yerushalayim together with the Neviyim and the Bais Hamikdosh before its time for Rosh Hashana in Human…..

    Lets wake ourselves up ASAP so this tisha bav can become a Tom tov forever filled with Simcha.




    The airlines will probably refuse to carry them since an airline is liable if a passenger is denied entrance, and Ukraine has made clear that they don’t want hordes of tourists. In case you haven’t followed the news of what the goyim are up to, Russia invaded Ukraine last winter and they are having a full scale war including bombing of civilian targets in cities, and unless one is anxious to get to Olam ha-Ba as soon as possible, tourist in a war zone is somewhat ill advised.


    I am changing my opinion here, people should go. This is simply theoretical as I’ll explain below, please consult your rav, parents and spouses for actual halakha.

    There is a difference between punishment coming to us directly from Hashem and via cruel humans. In the first case, endangering yourself is pure rebellion against Hashem: you sent a virus but we don’t care. In the second case, it is legit to stand up to the reshayim, even to change how we tie our shoes, as ShA says… So, it may be a good thing to go to uman, daven for demise of reshayim and end of suffering they are causing. And bring some business and human worth to the locals.

    Is there a danger? Only if russkies will decide to make a point and send a missile to the kever. Not something they can’t do. Or getting into a drunken confrontation with locals. They are probably armed this year as 2nd amendment is now adopted there. So be warned.


    Go to Tishrei!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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