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    How can a “Chosid” be unaffiliated with any Chasidus? What, then, even makes him Chasidish? When has being Chasidish simply been a matter of dressing style? That is the least of it.


    Come to BP. We have dozens of shuls that are without a “rebbe” at the helm. All (most?) have a leaning of sorts in one direction or another (EX: Emunas Yisroel, Menashe Klein)

    No one rebbe in particular, but “chassdish” in every other sense of the word.

    Let me guess, Postal.. you’re not from BP, are you?


    I had a friend long ago who was Chassidish, but didn’t follow any one particular rebbe. He said he was a chasid of the Baal Shem Tov.


    That’s like a Jew not having any Rov and saying his rabbi is Moshe Rabbeinu.


    I’m an unaffiliated Chosid and I hold by my own chassidus. There are a great many of us with shtreimlach but no rebbe.


    lots of people like that are made to be chassidish by their in laws


    Bittle, do you learn Chassidishe Sefarim? Do you have an affinity to a particular approach in Avoda? Do you go to certain Rebbes? You sound like you consider yourself more Chassidish than just wearing a Shtreimel. In that case you’d probably answer positive to some of my questions.


    I once asked a choshuve Yid who had a shul in BP that still exists, which chassidus he was from and he told me, “International”. By his levaya the Satmer and Bobover Rebbes were both maspid.


    I think that eventhough many people dont belong to specific chassidusin, they still have a rav who they use as a moreh derech for them-just not part of an organized chassidus and they follow the minhagim they were taught at home


    There are three types of unaffiliated: holds of none, nuetral, holds of all.


    HaLeiVi: Please elaborate on the three categories.


    Yep, one right here. Had a kesher with Cleveland and Dushinsky in E”Y but not so much since my chassuneh (keeping in mind I’m not FFB and neither is my wife, I can’t really leave my wife alone much any time when the main chassidishe things are, when everyone goes).

    Anyway, plenty of people in Yerushalayim also who don’t really have a specific rebbe. I knew several.

    As for me, being in Gateshead, pretty much the only thing that makes me “chassidish” is the nusach and the shtremel… Not complaining about Gateshead, I knew what I started before I moved here and there are plenty of great people here! But personally, I wonder sometimes whether I shouldn’t just adapt back to the rest (as I was more on the Litvishe side when I became frum, like most).


    I have a cousin who is chassidish. He says Moshe Rabbeinu is his Rebbe.


    Is it practical for someone to become Chasidish at the time he first becomes frum? How or why not?


    I think that “chassidish” is a culture, a philosophical school and a movement and the three different kinds of chassidim are distinct groups that don’t have as much overlap as people think which is what lead to the confusion in this thread.

    Culture- the “international” chassidim you see in BP and sometimes elsewhere. They enjoy the heimishe atmosphere, they like the fact that everyone around them is fully observant and medakdek bemitzvos but they don’t necessarily learn chassidish seforim and are more likely to have a rov (even if they call him a “roof”) than a rebbe.

    school of thought- someone who learns chassidish seforim and tries to follow some of their teachings in his avodas Hashem. You don’t have to be culturally chassidish to do this. I learn chassidish seforim. I’m about as far from chassidish as you are likely to meet.

    movement – He follows his Rebbe. Period. Zehu.


    @postal- no. No such thing. Don’t know of anyone like that. Impossible, pretty much unthinkable.

    (Except if you count Chabad….. which can by no means be considered ‘chassidish’ in the usual meaning of the word as most of the frum world uses it.)

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