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    This Unorthodox story has been weighing heavily on my mind since I read about it this week.

    The more I think about it, the more I realize:

    Hitler, y”s’s goal was to destroy Jews physically.

    Her goal is to destroy Orthodox Judaism and to blacken the reputations of and humiliate Torah observant Jews spiritually and thereby increase anti-semitism.

    There have always been Jew and Judaism haters.

    Jew and Judaism haters exist presently.

    Jew and Judaism haters will always exist.

    The most virulent of them are often Jews themselves.

    So she gets to wear flashy clothing and has a more varied menu than most of us do, and has lots of publicity in her life right now, with everyone famous calling to interview her. But, she is using her overabundant energy to blacken and humiliate her ancestors and make them all out to be foolish robotic dodos. Even the ones, and especially the ones, who throughout the ages, perished for their religion.

    Had she abandoned religious practices and been using her overabundant energy to be a doctor or inventor of some kind to make lives easier, or even to encourage secular education, or had she taken on some other noble cause, without the negativity and ridicule she employs, I might have been able to understand her, and find some redeeming qualities. But no, all she wants to do is defame the religious practices of her forefathers, instead of just living a normal, less religious or even totally irreligious life, privately without negative fanfare.

    She’s on a mission and shes having fun and enjoying popularity with her mission now. What will she do for excitement next when this wears down?

    Her mission is to mock and defame innocent Jews and paint them all with one broad ugly stroke, the darkest black, without the slightest shades of white or gray, and with all this, overfilled with hate and mockery expects to come out looking like a heroine and saviour for her efforts.

    The actress who she speaks of admiringly, she’s not. No beauty. Not her fault, not her choice.

    Einstein she’s not. No genius. Not her fault, not her choice.

    Jackie Mason she’s not. No comedienne. Not her fault, not her choice. Not gifted in any of those ways.

    Just a babbling buffoon, a very hateful seething anti-semite not worth anyone’s time.

    And that IS her choice.

    She is an example of what not to become, what not to aspire to be, capitalizing on hate, mockery, meanness and exaggeration. The OTD part is the least of it.

    Shame on her.


    I’m going to request that this thread be removed. A Yid is a Yid, and we don’t do thid to other Yidden. She hasn’t Shmad herself, and she is Malai B’Mitzvos K’Rimon.


    GAW, you are so wrong with this “a Yid is a Yid” thing!!! A Yid, who does aveiros be’meizid, that changes his status — mefurashe Halochos about it. When she dies(unless she does te’shuva), her relatives are supposed to make a party! (I think, it’s in Y.D 345)


    She wrote that her boyfriend is Roman Catholic.


    GAW, this blog besmirches other Jews all the time. But more to the point. It seems this book hits a raw nerve with many people. If it were completely false, full of lies, I doubt it would deemed to offensive. Might it be the kernels of truth feared to be in its pages that inspires such ire?


    GAW, what she did is as bad as conversion, for crying out loud!!! She is completely OTD and maligns the Frum Yidden!


    ratzon: your post is heartless and cruel and you have no idea what youre talking about. im deeply offended by it. maybe go out and talk to some jews before you claim to understand them.

    mods i dont usually ask for threads to be closed, but this thread is disgusting and cant lead anywhere productive.


    Started to comment but thought better of it.



    There are halachos pertaining to rodfim and mosrim there are times that we may “do away” with a Jew if they are causing serious issues for the rest of us. Not saying that it applies here just that you have to keep that balance and don’t think that just because someone is Jewish we must love them regardless of what they do. Just like we have an obligation to report molesters even if they are Rabbis and respected members of society.


    Her goal is to make a quick buck. She is nothing and she has nothing. She’ll get her 15 minutes of fame, blow all her money in Vegas and on flashy clothing, and then end up on welfare. Believe me, she won’t need our klalois to meet a bad end.

    For us, this, too, will pass. Remember Gitty from KJ? She had her 15 minutes too, and now no one knows what happened to her. Remember Unchosen? Who even reads it anymore and what is the author up to? Even Footsteps has a very small intake rate B”H and the founder is now in law school. We have survived far worse. Ignore her. She is an unintellectual version of Boteach.

    Bloggers, who have a very wide audience, have been spreading far worse schmutz than this schvache maysele can hope to spread. They think they’ve started an OTD movement, but about all they’ve done is given oisvorfen a place to hang out online.

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