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    am yisrael chai


    What a beautiful, caring letter.

    “If only I would have said something sooner, maybe everything could have been avoided.”

    This is the one line that is troubling. You are somehow taking responsibility for the direction of her life. You were probably too young and your friend needed an adult to get involved.

    Who knows if it’s in the zchus of your tears that Hashem heard that He sent her assistance?

    i am here

    I have got a few. When i look back at it its gr8 cause it reminds me of what i kept quiet from and not getting into trouble for saying . And another one when I look back it is pure chizuk for me. Its an amazing thing to do.


    i am here: I couldn’t agree more. Care to share some? I’d love to see them (if you don’t mind).

    i am here


    I would have to see it might not be possible for me to share it. But maybe I would but not right now. I have to think about it. But there is a big chance I would. Though I think pple know me on here so I don’t know if I would want to. I might still do it.


    This letter is to my best friend who lost her first baby at almost a year and a half. This happened a few years ago, but unfortunately, we all know of people that lost someone precious to them

    Dear __________,

    Its been a long time since we spoke. I dont know what to say to you and i dont know what i shouldnt. The tragedy that happened to you is something a mother never expects and can hardly move on from. Especially so young…

    I know you are probaly wondering why I didnt call you yet, why aside for the shiva i didnt visit you. Well, my dearest friend, I have no excuse. When i pick up the phone to dial your number, i freeze and thoughts keep running through my head in big block cap letters: How can i call when things are so good for me? How can I call when i’m expecting my 2nd baby, and had my first one after you? How can i call you when you are having trouble having another baby? Will you be hurt? Happy for me? will you listen to me or just hang up on me? will you be distant and not talk to me anymore?

    I cant bear to lose you as a friend! we went through so much together!

    I want you to know that i daven for you. not out of pity, but out of a deep yearning that you should have the same happiness that i have. That you should have the same nachas that i have. That you should have children to comfort you and bring you and your husband happiness and fulfillment.

    I love you so much, dearest friend, and i want to see you happy again…i dont want to lose you…

    Your loving friend,

    Now that a few years passed, i can say that my friend did have children and she is happy. we are still close as ever and i did speak to her after about a month of fear, dread, tears and sorrow…


    miritchka: Your letter is so well written and expresses your raw emotions so well. Glad to hear that you’re friends once again. Thank you for sharing, and keep them coming!


    cinderella – that’s such a beautiful letter you wrote… i like ayc ‘s words to you!

    i am here – it’d be great to see them but of course only as much as you’re willing/wanting!! Don’t do it if you may regret it.. (i’m a great one to talk about that ;0)

    Miritchka – you write so nicely! You express yourself so well. Glad to hear that she has the children now, although that pain obviously will never go away.

    And yes, thanks for sharing and keep ’em coming!


    Thank you Observanteen and princesseagle. I find that when i write at the time of my strong feelings – the words come straight from the heart and there is nothing more sincere than the words of the heart…you can ask my english teacher…lol!


    Dear Chany:

    I don’t know how to start. I don’t know what to write… So I guess I’ll let my pen flow freely.

    Chany, I’m terribly worried about you. I can see you peering through that thick layer of mascara saying, “Oh, don’t worry about me. I’m perfectly okay.”

    No, you’re not okay. And I know that deep down, you know that. You know it’s not okay to dress as you do. Nor is it okay to spend days and sleepless nights on the Internet meeting new “friends”.

    You made me cry today. I know I’ve been blunt when I tried telling you that you’ve changed, but I couldn’t take the pain anymore. You said you don’t care what I say.

    Chany! where are you going?! Do you realize on which path you’re treading? Do you notice that your true friends who really care, are slowly backing off from you? Do you even begin to understand dangerous your actions are? Don’t you see that those new “friends” of yours, don’t really care much about you?

    Chany, I miss you terribly. The real you. I miss the sensitive, warm’ frum and happy friend I once had.

    And now, as I see your hair and earrings grow longer’ your skirts shorter, and your tops tighter…I cry.

    But most of all, I’m disturbed by your eyes. Yes, I look past your heavily made up face and actually see your eyes. They look…Empty. Sad. Searching.

    You’re searching in the wrong place, with the wrong crowd.

    They’re ruining you.

    Chany, please, please. Rise above the challenge. You’ve always been so strong! Why, you were the one to encourage and urge me to move on.

    You’re still that fine and loving friend. It’s impossible that she just vanished. Please find her again, soon.

    Whith a loving and aching heart,


    observanteen: I see you ‘shteig’ in other areas as well! Well written, extremely moving, it should stir a heart of stone!


    observanteen-Wow!! that was such a nice letter!! I hope you didnt really write it 4real…:(


    Thanks, Zees.


    observanteen, as usual, a beautiful letter.. and yes, sad.

    Zeeskite, sometimes these “hearts of stone” are so soft that they block it from feeling.

    Miritchke – yes, i def. agree! hope you’re okay.


    GumBall: What do you mean for real? I didn’t send it, but the situation is only too real, unfortunately.

    sometimes these “hearts of stone” are so soft that they block it from feeling.

    Princess: I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for your encouraging words (as usual;)).

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