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    What happens to new fax machines that nobody wants to buy?

    What happens to tech pieces like fax machines
    that are no longer in demand, not even overseas? And tech accessories, like 15 million cell phone cases of some now ancient phone that also isn’t being used in other parts of the world and there are not enough of these second hand cell phones to ever support the 15 million supply?

    Yes fax machines are still in use, but are single-purpose fax machines still a staple in as many homes?

    Thank you 🙂


    We have one of those- and had a hard time finding one to buy at the time, and this was several years ago. Basically, getting an all-in-one printer did not work for us since there’s no phone jack next to the desk where we keep the printer, and the shelf by the only accessible phone jack is not big enough to hold the large all in one printers, so we have a separate fax machine that only gets plugged in when needed (there are still those people/companies who won’t accept a scanned document by email, only a fax, for whatever reason…), and a printer/copier/scanner that gets used much more often.


    They probably get sold to museums. And the ancient phone cases might run out before people actually stop using the phones.


    You can send and receive faxes via a web browser or email (not to mention an old fashioned modem), eliminating the need for a physical fax machine even if you still have a need to fax.


    In both Japan and Israel faxes are a way of life and tons are sent every day. In America they have lost favor but other places still rely heavily on fax machines


    The same question should apply to every other piece of technology that gets outdated each year or so. Where did all the previous models of Canon Cameras go, when the stores only sell the latest models? Or Sanza Clips, iPods, Cellphones, Laptops, and everything else.

    Where do all of yesterday’s newspapers, and last month’s Reader’s Digest go?

    If you want to stick to Yeshivish – where are all of the giant Chosson Shas’s, Rambams, or Shulchan Orachs that were still in the old print – not from Oz Vehadar, Frankel, etc…?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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