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    Austria locking down only unvaccinated, with police patrolling the streets and demanding proof of papers to make sure there are no unvaccinated people trying to sneak out for “non-essential” outings, only allowing grocery, work, or exercise(for now). So this is the latest trend as they aggressively and more brazenly take over humanities freedoms by the day. This will likely spread to the whole world including America.

    At this point even to the most sheep-minded liberal thinkers this should be so obvious that its not about the virus anymore and keeping people safe. We are obviously going through something in the world which has never happened in history. The smart amongst us knew from the start that things didnt add up and there was no science backing the irrational decision making and mandates coming from the governments around the world. Yes there was a virus, but also yes it was created in a lab by humans to infect other humans, and yes it was unleashed on to humanity most likely intentionally to move forward with their elaborate plan, or accidentally but seized the opportunity to implement the plan of the New World Order.

    The fact that the smart minds knew here we were headed early in the game, would have helped if everyone fought against this right away. But now it seems it is honestly too late to stop this. We can still fight but the New World Order is already here and they seem strong enough to continue because people had let them get to this point. What do we prepare for in the near future?


    Just give in, live life and let the new world order do their thing.


    The lack of support for mental health treatment in the frum community is a true epidemic. How Austria chooses to respond to Covid is their business.


    @rightwriter I was with you until “sheep”. There’s a balance between being safe and being so ridiculously over cautious that your ruin peoples lives. You are criticizing one extreme but then immediately jumping to the other. Frankly, your whole comment smacks of Q-Anon narischkeit and I would kindly recommend you take a breather from social media and the internet in general.


    Yserbius, I concur. I would like the OP to disclose – are these all his original thoughts or did he hear it somewhere and came to a conclusion that those sources are right. RW, did you hear this in shul? on the radio? on YWN? please, we want to understand how you can find information that we can’t.


    Which information exactly did the op state hat you are wondering where he got it from
    I think he mad a simple observation.
    Nothing about the vaccine mandates adds up.
    Mandating a vaccine to protect you and stop the pandemic.
    But it doesn’t prevent you from getting covid ??
    OK! But take it to stop the spread.
    But you can still spread it?
    Buddy if you don’t shut up and take it you can’t go to work or play
    Your kids need to take it too.
    But it might be dangerous for them, and kids are basically safe from covid anyway ??
    Yeah but they can infect grandma. You. Want your kids to be a granny killer??
    No, but even if they take it they can still catch it and spread it, so all I’m doing is injecting them with something that can main them for life!
    Shut up and shoot them or your kids can’t go to school!

    Tell me
    Without emotion and name calling
    Which facts that I presented are wrong
    And if not
    How does the above scenario make any sense.
    Leave out the q anon garbage
    Just logic please


    I’m not sure as to what I should clarify


    @klugeryid This part of the comment:

    The smart amongst us knew from the start that things didnt add up

    This isn’t about the vaccines, but about COVID in general.

    I would love to argue facts and logic, but other than the first sentence, the entire post is completely bereft of either. What it does have is a lot of Q-Anon dog whistles. “New World Order”, “sheep-minded liberal”, etc. It makes me wonder if @rightwriter isn’t just some anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist taking a break from InfoWars to troll CR.


    klugeryid, thanks, you presented a logical argument that I can follow. I would still be interested in a source of the facts you claim, but can reply regardless

    >> But it doesn’t prevent you from getting covid ??
    Vaccines reduce rate of infection and transmission, just not to the same degree as hospitalization
    Most clusters seem to be based on an unvaxxed person to a group of vaxxed and not much after that. I did not hear about big vaxxed clusters (other than a case of Provincetown where thousands of people packed into bars for several days)

    >> they can infect grandma.
    absolutely true. again, vaccine reduces a chance of this happening and reduces amount of transmitted virus giving grandma a chance to survive. I think anyone who is in regular contact with older people should be up on their vaxes and boosters, including kids. Among many Talmidei Chachamim who passed from Covid, I was particular struck by petirah of R Dr Twersky. He has medical background, so we can presume that he understood the danger, but he was in a wheelchair and at mercy of people around him. I saw the video of the funeral … sad.

    >> Kids: it might be dangerous for them, and kids are basically safe from covid
    If your kids are in an institution with lots of people, bad ventilation, and uncareful community, your kid has a high chance of getting COVID. Then, the question is – what is more risk in a long term: a novel vaccine or a novel virus. Vaccine was at least designed by people who love life and tested as much as possible, while virus came either from a bat or from military scientists. Also, vaccine generates mostly a “fake” response, while virus actually destroys internal organs.

    If your kids are not exposed to the virus, then it is a different issue. I would also test kids for antibodies before giving vaccine.


    good news – Austria is not doing a lockdown on unvaxxed only, they are switching to locking everyone!

    Also, you need to appreciate the difference between a culture that is based on obedience is different from USA that is based on personal freedom. Those people would not cross the road on red light if there is nobody around. And we know that they follow the leaders even in most immoral endeavors …

    So, in general, I prefer American independent spirit, but there is a place for everything. “Middos” mean “measures” – they need to be applied appropriately.


    “The smart amongst us knew from the start that things didnt add up”

    -yes yserbius, the whole thing about Fauci saying masks are useless and you shouldnt wear them unless you are sick(which makes no sense if its useless), then going from that to masks save lives and everyone must wear one, then we went to 2 masks are better than one, antibodies are useless, vaccines will take at least 2 years but suddenly we have 4 vaccines in less than a year, vaccines are unsafe for children, vaccines are safe for children, stand 6 feet away, we found out that virus spreads even more than 6 feet away so there is no difference, the virus is not airborne, the virus is airborne, 2 vaccines are better than one, 3 vaccines are better than 2, 3 vaccines should be standard therefore the 4th vaccine is now a booster shot, and so on. Many rules which have no scientific backing.

    How do i sound like Qanon when using new world order? I dont follow them at all and I dont trust them. Second of all Nazis used the term New Order during WW2 and mandated that everyone accept it. New world order is nothing new. How many times have we heard them try to instill into our minds terms such as “New Normal” or “Adjusting to a new life” etc.
    We have learned that so many “conspiracies” ended up being reality. A mandated vaccine was a “conspiracy”, COVID passports were a “conspiracy”. Are they still?

    Yes I used the word sheep because thats exactly the way it is people acting like sheep being led to slaughter. Due to these mindless individuals we all have to suffer. Makes a lot of sense that you cant enter a restaurant without a vaccine but its totally fine to take a subway in close proximity to thousands of others without proof of vaccine. No, there is no science to any of this.

    So yes, those of us smart enough saw this coming but were and unfortunately still labeled as conspiracy theorists.


    RW > vaccines will take at least 2 years but suddenly we have 4 vaccines in less than a year,

    I think this demonstrates total infantilization of the population, Jewish included. We are fortunate to live in a country that did not have major upheaval for a long time, everyone is used of having government and businesses to provide consistent service and information. When there is a pandemic, someone is supposed to tell us when and how vaccines will be provided. This is total denial of Hashem’s power over the world and total ingratitude to those people – scientists, Trump’s Warp speed team – who worked to try to save you from this magefah. All you care about inconsistencies in what they told you.


    Even among those of us who generally support vaccination, the confusing, inconsistent and poorly communicated public health directives by the CDC, FDA and state/local agencies has diluted the message and in some cases created unnecessary pushback and resistance. This failure has implications well-beyond Covid and has long-term negative implications for public response and compliance to future public health emergencies.


    Alwaysask, actually Fauci said there is an increase in hospitalized vaccinated individuals but of course blames that on them not getting their booster. Which one the 4th, 5th?
    Also they are admitting there is an increase in breakthrough cases.

    A vaccine to save lives? It wasn’t effective against delta variant and not expected to be effective against any other variants. Also what about those who died, or got major effects from the vaccine such as heart issues, paralysis and other. I didn’t say they are majority but definitely a significant amount. Besides why should even 1 person die or be majorly affected by a vaccine meant to save their life? Ever heard of other vaccines that cause death or paralysis, I would think that kind of defeats the purpose wouldn’t you agree? So when the virus was the issue they said 1 life lost is too many. But if they die from the vaccine (coincidence of course) , so it’s fine since it’s for the greater good? Interesting.

    Aside for the fact that this vaccine is risky due to the lack of testing and trials which take around 7 years, or per the CDC 10-15 years which they conveniently removed from their website(which should already raise a flag), I would agree that a person who is at risk or elderly and has a bad chance if they catch the virus, probably can benefit from the vaccine assuming that doesn’t kill them a few hours or days later(which of course the media will say has nothing to do with the vaccine, we can assume these are all coincidences).

    But for you to say the vaccine is what is keeping us alive, you are playing along with the media which deliberately ignore the fact that the majority are those who survived the virus rather than not and also ignoring the fact that those who survived have antibodies which are lasting 20 months so far( nope not just 3 months lol) and have proven to be superior and effective against all variants. If they weren’t then you would have seen all those people get sick again, not just the 1 or 2 rare cases.

    Again if you want to take the vax go ahead but to force it and call the unvaxxed enemies leads us down a really bad path.


    It’s interesting also why anyone would trust or follow someone (Fauci) who supported and funded a lab with gain of function for this virus altering it from only being harmful to animals to affecting humans as well. Aside for the other cruel experiments with the beagle dogs which everyone is forgetting so fast. If you just look into this man’s history you will see they he is an evil individual along with Bill Gates. He even openly lied regarding masks being ineffective and then changed it to them being effective and even admitted months after that he lied to keep hospital stock from falling short. And nobody has an issue with this?!


    The purpose of any vaccine is to prevent infection, not minimize symptoms or make it “less likely” to kill those who get vaccinated.


    Pekak -“The purpose of any vaccine is to prevent infection, not minimize symptoms or make it “less likely” to kill those who get vaccinated.”

    So since it doesn’t work that way, one has to wonder why this Government hasn’t Allowed Repurposed Drugs for Covid 19?!?
    And don’t tell me they just approved Brand new drugs for Covid.
    Because the avg. guy can’t afford them!


    @gadolhadorah I didn’t think that the CDC recommendations to (A) wear masks if your not vaccinated and (B) get vaccinated would be so contradictory and confusing. What part of it did you not understand?

    Those dog whistles are blowing strong, not enough to bring the whole pound running, but my neighbor’s hound just perked her ears up. All the things you are saying, the Fauci hate, the repeated references to some fantastical “New World Order”, the ridiculous Bill Gates hate, throwing terms like “gain of function” without a clue as to what they mean, etc. It all smacks of someone who got most of their information from some questionable sources, like maybe InfoWars or Stormfront.


    Gain of function means taking a virus that is not harmful to humans and changing it to be harmful to humans. Can I make it any clearer or do you need the Fauci version of it?


    RW, please tell us what is your source for all this information. We gave you numbers and references several times and you continue stating absolute statements like “It wasn’t effective against delta variant”. Please specify what it means and what is the source for your data.


    Re: CDC recommendations.

    CDC/FDA seem to be totally unprepared for the modern information warfare. They have virus specialists who are trained to follow conservative pathways to approved products. Then, they make public policy decisions based seemingly on their intuition. I never saw any public policy or psychology experts involved. It is not just early in the pandemic (like do not wear masks to not confuse people), or even not early in new tenure (Walensky declaring in spring that it is almost over). I listened to FDA discussion between gov personnel and questions they were asking advisory panel. It was pathetic, there was no preparation, FDA was pulling ideas out of their sleeve, they obviously never talked to these doctors in advance. At the same time, advisory panel took their job seriously and delivered reasonable results. There are lots of “leaks” and now books complaining how Trump/Warp speed “overrruled” CDC – and rightfully so, in my opinion.

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