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    Hi All,
    I’m trying to help collect for a critically ill patient with high medical bills. Does anybody have advice on what are the best channels to use to get the word out? Also, if anybody knows what type of statements draw people’s attention and opens hearts to give I’d be very appreciative. The family has no money to cover the bills and their son’s condition is very serious!


    Lately there’s been an upsurge in successful tzedaka fundraising via internet campaigns on these special fundraising websites.


    Does the person have cancer? If yes contact the Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society (RCCS).


    advice- make a paypal account or cashapp or something where people can send money, not just putting in credit card info. more people will donate.


    Thanks all for your comments. To respond, no it is not cancer. This is for the boy that was found unconscious in Uman recently (check the YWN articles about it). Although they revived him, non-the-less he is still in a coma and in critical shape. The family brought him to Israel (Hadassah Ein Kerem) to receive better medical attention. However, the costs are extensive and the family does not have the means to cover such exorbitant sums. We’ve posted a webpage on one of the fundraising sites as someone here advised, but those sites are worthless without high traffic. If people don’t know they can’t give. We’ve been trying options to move traffic, but the results haven’t been very promising. Although those of us trying to help the family are of humble means ourselves, we’re willing to fork out for them if there is promising results from means invested. However, so far the pay out has not shown good returns. None of us involve have any financial gain in this what so ever. This family is very dear to us and our only concern is to help them in any way we can. Being that we are of limited funds we have to invest wisely so as not to hit dead ends and also so we don’t run out of money before we’ve met their goal. That is why I’m turning to you. Maybe someone you know went through this already and can advise us what our best options are. Brachas to all of you for any help you can give even if it’s only the ability to daven for him.
    Please daven for: Chaim Simcha Meir ben Rus


    Doesn’t the kupah cover all costs? If not, I can only suggest asking in the US because most Israelis aren’t in a position to help. You could also try reaching out to those who successfully raised money for similar cases who may have funds left and would hopefully share.


    computerbubby – thank you for commenting. The answer to your question is no, the Kupah does not cover the costs. They help people set up their campaign, but the ground work is all yours. The websites we are working with and the avenues we are trying are all geared towards the English speaking communities. If you search “help save Simcha” you’ll see what I am talking about. As far as your second comment that is exactly what I’m trying to do here in the Coffee Room; find readers that have been there done that. Thanks for your help. Brachas to you and Good Shabbos!

    from Long Island

    I participate in giving to such funds. First of all, you need Rabbinical endorsements, from a Rav who knows the family, etc.

    Secondly, set up a “go fund me” page on one of the frum charity sites.

    Next, spread the word.

    How? Send to Yeshiva world News, Matzav, Vos Es Neis, and have someone you know, who has lots of “friends” to post on Facebook.

    That is where I see such appeals. Including A rav from one of the leading yeshivas in J’lem, who needs/needed funds for his wifes’ medical treatment. (someone posted the appeal in/on Matzav & Facebook)

    Much Hatzlacha

    Yechi Hamelech

    the chai center

    Yechi Hamelech

    sorry for above post. i meant chai lifeline; not chai center. chailifeline.org
    RCCS is another good one



    – Yes, that is the webpage for the campaign we are working on. I did not post it because I felt that would not be acting honest. Therefore, I did not make any mention of it when asking for advice.
    The Chesed Fund is a great site, but the campaigns do not fund themselves. Effort needs to be exerted to run a successful campaign. Understandably, people want to feel confident and satisfied with their decisions where and what to spend their tzedakah money on. We are trying to show that this cause is 1) Legitimate, 2) Worthwhile to invest in, and 3) Crucially needed.
    I was just there at the hospital today (that’s why I didn’t respond earlier) and was very emotional seeing just how serious his situation is. It is not known at this point the exact cause of his heart failure. Tests were run for various possibilities and have come out negative. It is very hard see such a young man lying there in a state of a coma with his life balancing between life and… His name is Simcha. Anyone that knows him knows that his name truly fits his persona!

    Anyone who can give please check out the web page and donate. Any amount however big or small counts and Hashem will pay you s’char for doing so.

    @from Long Island – thanks for your advice. Most of what you stated is being implemented. Some things have not yet started, but we are looking into it. All things you stated are great ideas! Thanks for your input!

    To All – One thing I have noticed as I am researching various successful campaigns is that although histadlus is required, bottom line Siyatah Dishmiya is above all. Your donations are much needed, but even more so your prayers! In order to feel more for the family so you can daven with more fervor I urge you to view the new video posted on Chaim Simcha’s campaign webpage (as someone posted above). We are in the process of getting a letter from a known Rav who knows the family well and will hopefully post that tomorrow or the next day.

    In the meantime, the family and I ask of you to daven for a REFUAH SH’LEIMA for
    and also to pray that we have Siyata D’shmiya in helping the family.

    THANK YOU ALL and MAY YOU SEE BRACHAS and SIMCHAS in your Mishpachas!

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