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    So I have a bad cough, and I was prescribed liquid medicine (no grinding, B”H) by the doctor. I am required to take it at 12-hr intervals for seven days straight. Today was my first day. Am I allowed to take it on Shabbos?

    Also, am I allowed to use cough drops on Shabbos if I take them out beforehand (that is, to avoid destroying the letters c”v)? If I don’t, I’m going to be coughing constantly, and that can be very annoying!

    Please help!


    i dont see why not…if it was prescribed by a doctor…also why not ask your LOR?

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    i believe the cough drops are ok, but i’m not a rabbi, i would call one


    What will happen to you if you don’t take them? Will you not be able to function normally or will it simply be a bit of a nuisance?


    Call your Rabbi or any Bais Horaah.

    Refuah Shelayma!

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    Call your LOR.

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    Ask your LOR but my psak FWIW is mutar lach mutar lach mutar lach. At least for the medicine. The cough drops might be more of a shayla. And whether or not there is grinding doesn’t make much of a difference. The rabanan made a takana whether there is grinding or not. Most ppl nowadays don’t grind their own medicine yet we still follow the issur drabanan of refuah.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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