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    As you know the city is a dangerous place during the summer…

    For many years i have been in sleep-away camps… Now i am in a pickle i am in the city and i am unsure about where i should go … and what options do i have … if any… Truth is i cant pay anything but i have a lot of experience in camp settings…

    Please Advise…


    Why are you waking up now, and why didn’t you get a job?!


    For male or female? How old?


    Stay in the city. Its great! All the noise and hustle is GONE! I feel like I’m on vacation!


    I know neither your age nor gender, or personal interests for that matter, however, these are some suggestions:

    ? Night pre- teen/ teen age camp for kids in the city working- something for them to do after camp.

    ? volunteer in an organization going around to hospitals- doesn’t pay monetarily, but the dividends you receive are priceless. Also if you have camp experience, this can be put to good use. (Chai Lifeline, Mekimi…)

    ? make a camp-after-camp. Camp for between the end of camp and beginning of school for younger kids. A lot of parents are busy getting their older children ready for the school year and would appreciate it. I did it for a week and a half one year, and was per-day for the kids- it worked out great!

    Will try to think of more!

    Any more details available?

    B’ Hatzlacha!



    Sadly, i found out a short few days ago that i was not hired to work in a camp that i have been working in for many years..They felt bad and tried to get me a job but i would rather work in camp (i like making plays, choir, and the like).. There was a misunderstanding… They thought i wasnt coming to camp so they gave my job to someone else… The story goes something like that .. So instead of making a big deal i respectfully am searching…. I used to work in a boys camp…


    After they found out i wanted to come back … They really didnt know what to do.. this really happened by accident… Not like other cases where it is done on purpose… They seriously felt bad.. They are nice people and i am not going to say anything negative about them … Accidents do happen………….


    Although i kinda wish it didnt happen to me …. But i really believe hakadosh baruchu has plans for me that are for the best….

    So to do my hishtadlus i am posting hoping something will happen….


    I’m going to guess that you’re probably post HS, and maybe even 2nd or 3rd year BM. If thats the case, many of the sleepaway camps lose their older bochurim in Av to other jobs where they have camps. Make some calls now, and see if they will take you on as a madrich / rotator for the 2nd half. Also, check with your friends to see if they know of openings / cancellations. If your flexible, you can find something.

    As a last resort, check the classifieds. There is often a part time job in a neighborhood office that is looking for someone to do lite office work. Not the most glamorous summer job, but at least its clean work.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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