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    Prominent journalist and radio host Uri Orbach, who is affiliated with the Dati Leumi and right-wing communities, has come out publicly against the increasingly popular cooking shows on Israeli television, frequently featuring non-kosher food and recipes.

    Orbach tactfully points out that many people will contact television stations if they see someone on TV in a vehicle without a seatbelt, concerned with the educational message being delivered. He added if a program is too chauvinistic, people complain. Here too he shouts there must be complaints, stating most of the country observes some form of kashrus, buying kosher food, separating meat and milk, separate dishes and not eating pork products. He adds that seeing dishes on television and watching the chefs pour sour cream on meat and cooking meat and milk together is truly sickening and disgusting.

    Orbach adds that for years, we do not see cigarette smoke on the TV screen, not because it is law, but because it is an educational message and TV producers are now sensitive to it.

    Orbach remains pragmatic, stating he does not expect for a moment that the shows will become glatt kosher, but he does expect and demand that the shows cease highlighting traif as a main feature and stop putting these unacceptable dishes in our faces.

    Jersey Jew

    “Ultra Secular”

    I like that term!!


    Wish him hatzlocho! We,”ultra orthodox”,whatever that means,feel disgusted by that term. Any ben Torah or Shomer Mitzvohs is not”ULTRA”. They are NORMAL.


    Actually, the terms Ultra Orthodox refers to those who look to employ chumrot in their day to day lives.


    Kosher Television…isnt that an oxymoron. The best is to read, read, read, read…..occasionally a DVD….mostly read………..Kosher TV is really an oxymoron.



    Ultra-Orthodox is a term dating back to the generation when the haredi were a fringe of the Orthodox community, i.e. around WWII. At that time the modern orthodox were the norm and even many of the hasidim of that time dressed up like the modern orthodox.


    Yasher koach to him. It’s one thing if you live in chutz l’aretz, but you shouldn’t have to see this on tv in a Jewish country.


    hatbg – what??? Chassidim would never break their minhagim and dress like some american, and I dare you to find me one chassidishe group who did that – just one, because there is no way that is true. MO has normalized greatly in recent generations and what I am about to say has nothig to do with the present-day MO, so please do not take offense – but to claim that the frum world was mostly MO is a odious lie.

    If this were so, more gedolim would have been from MO, but where were the gedolim from pre-wwII? Litvishe yeshivos and chassidishe circles. And you go ahead and say that a litvishe rosh yeshiva, like Rav Weismandle, or Reb Ahron, or Rav Hutner, the Rogotchover gaon, the Bais Halevi, or Reb Elchonon, or the giants in the chassidishe world, like The Imrei emmes, the bluzhover rebbe, klozengerger rebbe, the satmar rov, the munkatcher rebbe – were modern! They had tremendous ahavas yisroel and loved every jew, modern or not, but to say they themselves were such is simply not true.

    Majority is shown by representation – MO had one leading figure in its infancy, and he himself was very much against a lot of what went on in those circles – plus, Rav Soleveitchik entered the scene after WWII – before then, MO was a radical, borderline-reform attitude fringe. Rav Soleveitchik structured the movement, which hirtherto was led by balbatim and am haratzim who thought they could keep people frum by loosening (read: breaking) halacha.


    Most of you guys are skirting the issue. He’s right. They shouldn’t be showing non-kosher cooking in national TV.


    although i disagree with modern orthodoxy in many respects, to say that they do not have gedolim is simply not true. they have their own rabbonim and have a right to follow them


    I hadn’t been back on this and I apologize.

    Matisyohu28, not one of the rabbonim you mentioned were either born in America or Modern Orthodox. With maybe the exception of Satmar they had fairly small communities at that time.

    The Modern Orthodox rabbinate of America prior to the arrival of the European ‘gedolim’ were not nearly so learned, its true, but were trained in providing the basic ministerial services of the role, e.g. visiting the sick, providing for basic communal functions and a basic Shabbat drasha. YU already existed for well over 50 years and I probably am insulting the memory of many of their graduates of that period by assuming they knew so little as that and JTS was either still producing or still had around people they had trained who were Orthodox who also were not fools.

    Now in the 1950’s the haredi were a present and growing group but they were certainly the minority. You assume that because the MO had lesser known rabbonim they were the smaller group or comparable in size. It simply is not true. The MO were the larger body of people. And I agree the MO of then was different then MO is today.

    As for the statement that American hasidim in the 40’s and 50’s often dressed like any other person just like the Modern Orthodox I heard that from a rabbi who was hasidic; Square if you must know who said he met these people himself.

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