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    Amil Zola

    That’s right folks, the US has the most Covid cases in the world. Somehow it didn’t just disappear the day after elections. This has proven to be a deathly lie from our President. Where is Pence and the Covid task force? Why isn’t our President saddened and outraged at this loss of life?

    Reb Eliezer

    He advocates Dr. Atlas the quack’s herd immunity where millions must be infected before a vaccine is available causing an enormous amount of deaths.


    Given that 95% of Covid19 infections are harmless (you don’t get sick, and at worst think you have allergies or a cold), all that number reflects in testing. The more testing, the higher the number. This also mean that when testing a vaccine, 95% of people getting the placebo won’t get sick.

    In terms of getting seriously ill, the major factor is age. Countries with lots of babies have a low average age, which is why Israel has the lowest rate of industrial countries, and Italy the highest (and why frum Jews, who tend to have a low average age, find the restrictions especially annoying). You will also note that the increase in deaths due to Covi19 is not substantial (in the US the death rate went from 8 per 1000, to 9 per 1000 – not a big deal), which is why the problems are not the illness but the media-induced panic and the politician-induced economic disruption.


    America has a lower or same per capita death rate than most European countries. We’re doing better or as good in the fight against covid-19 than Europe.


    Covid hospitalizations are at an all time high. It’s not just testing.

    Amil Zola

    Akuperma, how do you explain the over load of ICUs with Covid cases? Hospitalizaton rates in Texas, Utah, Arizona, South Dakota, PA, WI are at their highest. NJ just hit their highest hospitalization rate since June.


    Cases are going up much faster than testing. For example, cases within the past month or so went up really fast but the testing might have gone up a bit, but not enough to explain why there are so many cases around. Obviously, the more you test the more cases you find, but when cases is expanding much more than testing then testing is definitely not the answer to why there are so many cases.
    By the way, increasing cases and hospital admissions is not only happening in America; it is happening across Europe.
    This is not Trumps fault!

    Amil Zola

    Adding OK and KS to the list of stressed hospitals up thread.


    Amil Zola: 1) incompetence by hospitals; 2) people will colds and allergies having a panic attack after reading in the media that they are dying of Covid19; 3) how do you explain why all the people who come around collecting funds have such sad stories to tell – did you ever hear of a non-profit, charitable agency that was not being overwhelmed and in need of money; 4) If Covid19 is a devastating plague, why are wages rapidly rising (since so many workers are dying), and why aren’t rents and real estate prices collapsing (since so many home owners and renters are dying)? 5) Why aren’t schools closing due to the death of most of the students (as would occur for a serious epidemic, such as smallpox or bubonic plague). Media hype kills, whether from AP or YWN.


    “Given that 95% of Covid19 infections are harmless ”

    Well that would mean that 16 million Americans would have a non-harmless infection if we adopt your do-nothing strategy. Most of those 16 million would die.

    “incompetence by hospitals”

    That does NOT cause hospitals to be overloaded.

    ” why aren’t rents and real estate prices collapsing”

    Actually they are. Rents are dramatically down in much of NYC. Manhattan apartment rents dropped below $3,000 for the first time in nine years. Landlords are facing catastrophe unless Congress acts, which it won’t.

    “Why aren’t schools closing”

    They are. But our society would rather keep bars open than schools open.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Charlie – i assume you know more about the stats than i ever will. Do you know if the percentage of positive cases that end up seriously ill has changed in this fall surge, or the percentage of critically ill who recover? Im guessing, thru anecdotal incidents that less get critically ill, and more who are critical come home. I feel like people throw around numbers without attention to when they were published so i thought I’d ask.


    Here are the stats:

    Before May 31, # of COVID cases in the US =1.03M, Deaths =55,000, mortality rate = 5.34%

    April 30- August 31: # of cases = 4.97M, Deaths = 120,000, mortality rate = 2.55%

    Since August 31: # of cases = 5M, Deaths = 70,000, mortality rate = 1.4%

    So either more cases were identified due to more testing, or it’s just not as virulent anymore, or a combination of both.

    Also if we compare to the US population, that’s 2.5% of the population that’s been infected in 9 months, including the first couple of months when no one was taking any precautions. To reach CharlieHall’s 16M deaths, the remaining 97.5% of the population would somehow have to become infected in the next 9 months or less before the vaccine comes out. So just more media-induced hyperbole.


    1. We do more testing than China.

    2. China probably lies about their number.

    2. We have more people than most countries in Europe. In fact, California has more people than Canada.

    4. Controlling 4 million people in a country (like Norway) might be easier than controlling a country that has as many people as the USA.

    5. Trump was called a “Racist” for blocking flights from China.

    Amil Zola

    Aku Oh please, states aren’t renting morgue trailers or building field hospitals because hospitals are incompetent or people are having panic attics when they have colds. As to your other strawmen they are just that.

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