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    Out of curiosity- how many people scroll down to the forums and only read those threads in specific forums, or like me, just look at the most recent threads that appear at the top (those with the interesting titles), and don’t even know how they are categorized?

    For that matter, what happens if you don’t know where to put your thread- like this one, did I choose right?

    Avram in MD

    I primarily look at the most recent threads and don’t use the categories below.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    I look at all the threads above the last one that has my name listed as the last poster. But I sometimes skip the ones that have boring-looking titles, although I might go back to them if I’m bored after I go through the others.

    I will usually go first to the ones that I remember commenting in to see if there were any responses.


    Your profile (which lists the threads you’ve posted in and the

    threads you’ve started) is probably more reliable than your memory.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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