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    to all veteran coffee room drinkers!!

    what does it mean when u click on a username and it says user not found?


    Clicking on a person’s screen name is supposed to take you to a person’s profile page. It will give you that error message for one of two reasons:

    (a) The person has a user name different from their current screen name (YWN has a feature where you can change your posting name from the one you registered with [disclaimer – this is not so kosher anymore]).

    (b) The person’s screen/user name has spaces in it. The code for the links does not put dashes in between separate words of a user name when it redirects you – dashes that are necessary for a screen name to be identified properly.

    Example: frummy in the tummy. Clicking on his link will take you to (profile/frummy in the tummy), when you really need to go to

    The first cause is pretty hard to get around; the second is simply a matter of entering the dashes into the address bar.


    OOM= I’m so glad that neither you nor I have spaces and have to enter those ugly little dashes! JHF

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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