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    The full movie “Ushpizin” is available for free on Youtube. Am I permitted to watch it for free? Or should I purchase it from Imdb or a similar site?


    I never thought about that… I’d go with which ever I’d less regret doing. Would you feel like you’re stealing if you watched it off youtube? Would you feel bad for a long time. OR, would you feel worse if you had to pay for it when you could’ve easily watched it on youtube?


    I would assume it is assur but you can always try to contact Shuli Rand the actor and producer of the movie to ask him.


    It’s funny- I watch stuff on YouTube all the time, but I didn’t think so much about it. I really should.

    One thing is that while the things I usually watch are famous and are put out by major companies that make millions off the people who actually buy the stuff (which, in my somewhat dubious system of rationalizing, is more okay), I remember reading that the makers of Ushpizin were actually having a really hard time because of illegal piracy, so I probably would buy it, as it’s a yid’s parnassah.

    I should really rethink all of this…


    Youtube is very good about copyright violations. If there’s a full movie up there for free it means that they received permission and/or pay the copyright holder for it to be up there.


    Sam2: Or it could just mean that the producers are not aware that it’s available on Youtube. Especially as it’s in English.

    On the Ushipizin Wikipedia page, it says specifically: “The film was not directed at the Haredi film consumer, since Haredim do not go to movie theatres. Nonetheless, it attracted much attention and this led to heavy downloading and piracy of the movie from people who otherwise had no access to see the film. After inquiries from people who had watched unauthorized copies of the film asking how to pay, pashkvilen were put up in Haredi neighbourhoods. The advertisements told the public of the financial problem that resulted from the piracy, a reminder of the prohibition against stealing and included a post office box and telephone number in which to pay with a credit card. Another way to repay the makers of the movie was to call up movie theatres, order tickets, and not show up.”


    What is the big deal. You can purchase the DVD for $20 and enjoy more than once. It is funny and entertaining. We enjoy watching it again and again!! It would be nice to see more such type of DVDs in our stores.


    Not if you don’t have a TV or DVD player (we have a TV now because it came with our furnished apt, but definitely will not have one when we move, and we don’t have a DVD player anyway).


    All recent PCs have DVD drives, so you can watch it on your PC.


    yehudayona: Many new slim laptops, like MacBook Air and some Chromebooks, don’t have disc drives. (I have a Samsung Chromebook and it’s actually kind of annoying that way- awesome in every other way, though, I highly recommend it.) I think that they do have disc drives that attach by USB, though.


    Mrs. Critique: That’s unpractical for several reasons. First, I don’t have $20 to spend on a DVD; neither do my parents (they have $20, but we’re not in the type of financial situation where we can throw out $20 for something unnecessary.) Just because $20 isn’t a big deal for you doesn’t mean it isn’t a big deal for everyone.

    Second, I want to watch it next week. It won’t come in time.

    Third, it still doesn’t address my question.

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