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    so right

    If someone works in a non-Jewish office that has a microwave, my understanding is that it is permissible to use the microwave for kosher food as long as it is double-wrapped.

    Does anyone have experience on this question?


    According to my rav, a double wrapping is not necessary. As long as the surface is clean, and if it isn’t as long as your food is covered in a way that nothing will fall into it, you’re good to go. See what I’ve posted on the other, related thread.



    XVII: Traveling Kosher

    For the businessperson or tourist traveling across the United States, kosher certified products are available almost everywhere, even in the smallest groceries in the most remote towns. However, it is much more difficult to obtain reliably kosher certified products in most foreign countries.

    Is generally accepted HOWEVER

    Halacha – Non-kosher microwave oven

    Submitted by Eli Answered by Rav Peretz Moncharsh

    Question: There is a non-kosher microwave at my place of work. Sometimes there is even residue of non-kosher food in it. Is there a way for me to heat-up food in it? I heard something about double-wrapping but I am unclear on the issue.

    Answer: Technically speaking double wrapping you food would work, but it is often not a practical solution. A microwave heats the water molecules and causes more steam than a conventional oven. This rising steam causes pressure that is likely to rupture the seal and force or melt open the wrapping, which would render your lunch forbidden. Therefore I would not recommend its use.

    posted:2008-08-11 14:37:50


    I think its the Star-K that has a microwave test – I forget the details, but its something to the effect of if you put a potato in for ten minutes and the top of the microwave is not steaming hot when you take it out, the microwave can be used with a basic cover. But CYLOR to decide how you hold.


    Here is a link to Star-K’s guide. No mention of a potato !!

    No source! no details! Why bother posting?


    Now I’m wondering where I got the potato test from. Maybe it was my brother in law who told me about it? I know we don’t hold that way…

    I didn’t have time to search for the star-k’s posting.

    I really need to figure out the potato thing.


    No time to check source! no time to check details! Why bother posting?

    And pray tell us. Who is your brother in law that made you think everybody would be interested


    the halacha is to double wrap the food.

    I would NOT use a treif microwave on a daily basis! buy a kosher one, or figure something else out. it’s OK to use the heter when traveling, vacation, flying, etc.. but on a daily basis?


    Chesed, why is it okay to use when vacationing but not when working?



    i didn’t say it wasn’t ok.

    there are many times where you can be makel on something but it’s better not to be.

    why use a treif microwave latchila?? buy a kosher one.

    of course when you have NO choice like traveling, you do what you have to.


    Is it such a big deal to shpritz some mr clean, wipe around and kasher? It may take an extra 6 minutes to prepare your food, but you wont have to use a non kosher microwave.


    As mentined on the other similar thread, superficial cleaning is not enough

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