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    Since this is the forum is called the “Coffee Room”, I thought it would nice to ask a question about actual coffee.

    I’m a bit of a coffee snob. So naturally, I grind my beans and brew them either in French Press, Aeropress, or Pour over.

    I was very happy when a Rav told me pourover (obviously using pre-ground coffee and Irui Kli Sheini)
    Is allowed on Shabbos. But I have yet to find a psak on using the Aeropress on Shabbos. It’s basically a sealed pourover with a rubber plunger forcing the water through the grounds. Any thoughts.


    I didn’t fully understand the metzius you’re describing.
    I assumed your “pourover” is simply pouring hot water over the grounds, similar to קפה בוץ “mud coffee” they make here in Israel with Turkish coffee.

    But how does pouring over grounds for with a plunger? Are you first pouring and then “plunging”? Is the hot water in the plunger? I don’t really grasp the scenario here.


    Don’t be a snob. Taster’s Choice is excellent coffee.


    I have to disagree with your Rav [I am a Rav myself]. Coffee grinds are certainly kalei ha’bishul and cannot be used even with a kli sheini.


    Coffee grounds are a big machlokes haposkim.
    First off, they are roasted before grinding; we know the machlokes about bishul achar afiyah.
    Second, poskim discuss if it’s a food or a tavlin since can tavlin is permitted in a Klei sheini. See the ginas veradim who brings down this discussion.
    And then, some poskim (I think including chasam sofer) say that even if it is a food, it’s already considered edible before adding the water since if necessary people would eat it straight. Thus it for sure would not be kalei habishul. (Rav mordechai eliyahu zatza’l relied on this, since soldiers in the field ate Turkish coffee straight when they didnt have water).

    Plus, rav Moshe Feinstein zatza’l holds that in a Klei shlishi there’s no bishul even by kalei habishul, and the mishna berurah agrees in a case of bishul achar afiyah.

    Lemaaseh some poskim (especially, but not only, sefardim) allow it in a kli sheini; some allow irui kli sheini; and some are machmir even in a kli shlishi.

    So if the OP’ s rav told him he could rely on irui kli sheini, he definitely has what to rely on.


    I see a problem with borer b’kli. I’ve used pre-ground coffee in a teaball in kli shlishi in the past. You need to give the sediment a few minutes to settle.


    Have you tried one of several really excellent nitro-brewed bottled coffees. A bit expensive but well worth it if you really enjoy a good coffee drink on shabbos.


    hello99, welcome back! It’s been a long time, and it’s great to “see” you.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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