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    This is not pick on adorable day, but wanted to make a comment on something you wrote.

    “On the other hand, yes they will need to fill up on gas more often because I spent most of my night in the car (for my pleasure or as a help to them)!”

    Especially when most of your night is spent in the car, for your own pleasure, it would be very thoughtful of you to put some gas into the car.


    lets start at the beginning-i don’t even have a cell phone, and if i did, my parents wouldn’t allow texting. second of all, i’m going to b dan l’kaf zechus and assume you were just joking about the grammar and english situation, because what i write must resemble english if you were able to read it. if it doesnt, then you must be speaking the same language as me, in which case, what do you care? third, i enjoy writing, so just accept it and move on!

    on a separate note wiy-apology accepted!:) i wasnt offended, just wanted to make sure you chapped what i was saying


    Don’t parents want their daughters to save some of their money that they are making when they are single for when they get married? Especially if the guy is learning….

Viewing 3 posts - 51 through 53 (of 53 total)
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