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    I’m going taking my husband and girls (14, 8 & 1) to Baltimore next week. Which minyamin to use and which hashgachos/restaurants are reliable?




    Attraction suggestions would also be helpful.


    1. The local Vaad is Star-K. If you don’t hold by Halav yisrael, there are a few extra places under supervision. There are a wide variety of restaurants, all concentrated in a single neighborhood (Upper Park Heights-Pikesville). There is only one small cafe outside the frum area.

    2. There are plenty of shuls of all types (okay, there is no Yiddish-speaking Misnagdid shul, no Teimani minyan).

    3. Remember that Baltimore-Washington is equivalent to Brooklyn-Manhattan. Washington has a separate Vaad, with some overlap.

    4. Baltimore is only fair for shopping. For a streimel, one needs to go to New York. It does have a large kosher supermarket.


    Rabbi Heinemans Hashgacha is the most reliable one in Baltimore. You can shop in the Seven Mile Market which is the largest Kosher Supermarket in the U.S.


    Hashgachos: Virtually everything Yeshivish in Baltimore is connected to the Star-K and Ner Yisroel. Pretty much every kosher restaurant has a Star-K with the exception of Accents/Coacochinos (fleishig/milchig restaurants next to each other) which has an OU for cost purposes (they still retained the same mashgiach). There are also a few places that serve Cholov Stam under other hasgochos, such as the Maggie Moos Ice Cream by Quarry Lake and Dunkin Donuts by Fallstaff and Reisterstown.


    • Dougies. Same as New York. Great steakhouse.
    • Three pizza shops, Tov Pizza, Mama Leahs and Carmels. Mama Leahs is my personal favorite, but Tov is a little more open and nicer. Carmels makes good “extra” stuff along with their pizza.
    • Knish Shop: A small deli that has the best sandwiches and subs since they get their meat from Wassermen and Lemburgers which is unquestionably the best butcher on the East Coast.
    • Two Asian restaurants, David Chus and Umami. Umami is a litter fancier and more expensive, but they have better food.
    • Three fleishig restaurants, Kosher Bite, Accents and Royal. They are all pretty comparable to each other, but Kosher Bite has the best service and selection.
    • One bagel store, Goldbergs, which makes great food.
    • Coacachinos is a small coffee and sandwich shop (Cholov Yisroel only upon request)
    • Van Gogh Cafe. Not cholov yisroel coffee shop. Located downtown, outside of the frum community. They get their food from Goldbergs.

    Minyanim (everything is Ashkenaz unless specified):

    • Aguda of Park Heights (Rav Heineman): Call 410-764-3333 for minyan times. They have the most frequent minyanim. Bit of a mixed crowd, more older people. Park Heights and Pinkney
    • Kehal Ahavas Yisroel Tzemach Tzedek AKA Feldmans (Rav Dovid Heber). Somewhat yeshivish crowd of various ages. Park Heights and Seven Mile Lane
    • B’nei Jacob Shaarei Zion (Rav Moshe Hauer). More modern crowd. Many Ba’alei Teshuva prefer this minyan. Across from Feldmans
    • Rabbi Aryehs Shul. Persian. Unless you’re also Persian, you’ll probably feel left out. Park Heights and Seven Mile Lane
    • Bais Edmund Safra (Rav Goldfeiz). Sephardi, but mostly Persian crowd. Seven Mile, between Park Heights and Reisterstown
    • Shomrei Emunah (Rav Marwick). Modern Orthodox, but has a sizeable Yeshivish crowd. Many minyanim through out the day. Greenspring rd
    • Agudah of Greenspring. Yeshivish minyan, next to Shomrei
    • Kehal Arugas HaBosem (Rav Taub and his brother, Rav Taub). Chassidish, but the crowd is mostly misnagdim that daven Nussach Sfard. Fallstaff and Park Heights
    • Sternhills (Rav Kostelitz). Very similar to Taubs. Near the Agudah. Nussach Sfard.
    • Goldbergs (nobody knows the real name of the shul). “Beginner” style minyan geared towards Ba’alei Teshuvas and others who didn’t have a good frum education. Sfard. Across from the Aguda
    • Kol Torah/Rav Bergers. The unofficial Ner Yisroel shul. Slow davening. Located on Fallstaff between Willow Glen and Clarks. Slow davening, younger yeshiva crowd.
    • Weis’s/Orach Chaim. Younger, mixed yeshivish/modern crowd mixed in with an older more modern crowd. Lots of weekday minyanim. Down the block from Bergers
    • Darchei Tzedek (Rav Horowitz). Middle age crowd, not very yeshivish but not “modern”. Shelburne and Seven Mile.
    • Ner Yisroel. They Yeshiva. It’s very out of the way, and not at all walking distance, but the davening is nice and yeshivish.


    There are a lot of things to do around Baltimore, but for some you may have to drive a bit. First off is the Inner Harbor. Without traffic it’s a 15 minute drive from the frum community. The main attractions there are the aquarium (call ahead and buy tickets, it gets crowded and the limit the amount of people coming in) and the Science Center, but there are also boat rides, a childrens museum (Port Discovery) and it’s generally a nice place to walk around.

    If you like outdoors, you can check out Gunpowder State Park, which is a great place for hiking. Piney Run park is a great place for picnics, and they also have rowboat/canoe/kayak rentals.

    For the little kids, there’s a place called Annies Playground about an hour before you reach Baltimore coming from New York. It’s a huge outdoor playground.

    The Baltimore Zoo is decent, but there are definitely better zoos out there.

    Washington DC is only an hour drive away and there’s plenty more to do there, such as the zoo, the Washington Mall and the Smithsonian Museums. White House and Capital tours take all day, most of it spent waiting.

    I’ll post more stuff when I think about it.


    First off, you want to go to Baltimore Jewish Life for all things Minyanim. Will give you times and addresses. As far as things to see: You have Downtown which has the inner Harbour and the Aquarium. There is Discovery Zone and also the Baltimore Zoo. There are plenty of restaurants. There is Dougies, Accents, Kosher Bite, Knish Shop David Chus and Umamis for meat. For milchigs you have Goldbergs Bagels, Caramels, Tov Pizza, Mama Leahs, Eden Cafe, Cocoachinos and a few others I cant think of right now. Star K is a good Hechser and there are other Hechsherim which I personally Use but you need to inform yourself on those.

    Hope this helps.





    I think there is No minyan past 9am or maybe even 8:30am. Come in and you’ll see a monitor screen with davening times.

    Make sure to visit the Aquarium.

    And for kosher eateries just drive up down Reisterstown rd.

    Most places use either: Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington (RCW), Star-K or OU.


    Your best bet for minyanim times:… there is usually a minyan anytime you need one, so don’t worry about that…

    For restaurants… pretty much all of them are under the Star-K Hashgacha, or Rabbi Weiss- both are very reliable (Fleishigs: David Chu’s, Umami, Accent’s, Kosher Bite, Dougie’s… milchigs: Tov Pizza, Caramel’s, Mama Leah’s Cococinno’s, Milk and Honey…)

    Attractions: Depends what you’re looking for.. the Inner Harbor is a nice place for walking around.. Washington DS isnt far, and there is lots to do there…

    Hatzlacha and enjoy!


    The inner harbor has the aquarium, the science center, and also fort McHenry. There is an eatery downtown called Van gogh cafe

    ( or something similar) under the hechsher or Rabbi Tzvi Weiss. also there is a Me Late cafe in Hopkins hospital that is under the star K.

    baltimore jewish is the best bet for zemanim for tefillah.

    also I think last week there was a suppliment in the Hamodia for things to do in Baltimore. Enjoy! Don’t forget to visit 7 mile market for all the food you might need.


    Thank you all. All the posted information will be very helpful to plan my vacation. Can anyone recommand a decent hotel with a pool? I have Starwood points. If it make sense to use rather than sell for cash.


    Yserbius123 – +1


    Goldbergs (nobody knows the real name of the shul). “Beginner” style minyan geared towards Ba’alei Teshuvas and others who didn’t have a good frum education. Sfard. Across from the Aguda

    First of all, it’s Rabbi Goldberger, not Goldberg.

    Secondly, the name of the shule is Tiferes Yisroel Bais Dovid.


    Can you recommend at good Hotel, not far from the frum community?


    Can you recommend at good Hotel, not far from the frum community?


    mtydhd: plenty of hotels downtown which is only ~15 min away. enjoy!


    the hilton in pikesville is right where the frum community is and is a very good hotel. staff is very friendly and accomodating.


    @takahmamash Correct. I just noticed that now, how I mis-spelled “Goldbergers” as “Goldbergs”.

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