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    Can anyone provide us with some accurate first hand info of what its like to vacation in NMB? I have heard from several friends that its a quite heimisher spot away from all the pritzus of Miami?

    Ive heard there are many nice homes to rent there ? Does anyone have some reliable info? I am going to be recovering from a painful surgery iyh next month and I need somewhere to go. I need to be close to a chasidisher bais medrash, and have a mikva nearby.

    Thanks for anyone that helps….


    look in the ewish press for ads of places to rent. nmb is very nice. there are many shules, stores etc there.

    its gotten very jewish oriented there.


    NMB is a nice city, kahal chasidim is a nice shtiebl next to shaaray teffilah, and is on 173rd street or 172nd and has a mikvah or u can go to the mikvah on miami gardens drive called jovita cojab across from Yeshiva Toras Chaim. nmb sure is very away from pritzus. refuah shlaima enjoy ur stay

    Guter yid

    NMB is excellent choice for quiet vacation, most houses there are private “cottages”, some have private pool, there’s khal chassidim with mikva, next door there’s a nice kollel and shul (litvish ashkenaz) and chabad nearby, a few heimish groceries including a huge “Amazing savings” food market, also big shopping center close to heimish area.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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