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    Have you ever gone on a vacation with your spouse and leave the kids with a Bubbe and Zaide/ Aunt and Uncle etc…? I’m not talking about weeks away at a time…just a couple of days to reconnect with your spouse and decompress?


    Did it a coupla times just overnight.

    This year though was the first time I actually left the kids behind for over a wk and went on vacation! Was amazing! Gotta do it once a year!


    smart did u give your kids a tee shirt saying i got left at bubbys house and all i got was this lousy t-shirt? lol jk


    Who’d you leave the kids by (and how many kids)?


    And did the kids mind you left them…did they have a good time staying back?


    Goq- lol! They actually loved it while I was away. They had a lot of fun staying at their cousins’ homes.

    Stamper- I left my 3 kids by family. Why does this make a difference to you may I ask?


    You must have good cousins that will take your kids. How long were you away?

    tracht gut

    My sis went on vacation earlier this year and i moved into her house to take care of her 3 kids, was not easy but was happy to do it for her.


    Hacham- I left them by my siblings. Their kids are my kids cousins!


    I did both and I do both. I left my kids with my parents and I not only took my kids on vacation with me but I included my parents as well. Now that I have grandkids, my kids go on vacation with and without the kids, and with and without us.


    Have you ever gone on a vacation with your spouse and leave the kids with a Bubbe and Zaide/ Aunt and Uncle etc…?

    We did it four times in our twenty years of marriage.

    The first time, we left the kids with my in-laws for three days and went to the Poconos mountains.

    The second time, my in-laws took the kids and sent us to Israel for ten days to visit with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law.

    The third and fourth times, we took advantage of the fact that all the kids were in sleep away camp and went to Niagara Falls and St. Thomas (respectively).

    The Wolf


    We went more than once to israel and usa and left kids by families whose kids share the same class with ours. We also took all the kids with to a wedding in usa this year. Just the very last time my wife went alone and i stayed with them home. So its all normal i think


    The wife & I REALLY needed to get away, so we went to Paris for 8 days in May. We left our 1.5 year old in our house with my sister for 4 days, then they went to my parents for the rest of the time. The baby had a great time with aunt, bubby and zeidy, and we had a great time away. Baby was kept so busy he hardly knew we were away.

    Word to the wise – we bought (for about 15 euros) 10 hours of Internet time at our hotel, and brought along a smartphone w/ Skype. We spoke to my sister and our baby every night via Skype.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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