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    Not long ago there was a men-only Asifa about the internet. Now there was a Siyum Hashas for men and women. So, for the internet, it was enough if the men get the point and give it over, but for learning the women come themselves.

    This can be learned from the Passuk, Shma B’ni Mussar Avicha V’al Titash Toras Imecha. Mussar comes from the father and Torah comes the mother. The father teaches it, literally, but the mother gives over the attitude towards Torah and those who learn it.

    The Medrash says that Yaakov was Yoshev Ahalim because of his mother’s encouragement.

    This is besides the fact that many Halachos are learned at home through day by day incidents. Everyone with a Jewish upbringing has enough of a background to at least recognize when there is a Shaala.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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