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    I’d like to mention a story I just heard. A woman gave birth on YK and started bleeding. They had to remove her possiblity from having children in order to save her life. The first point I want to mention is VBAC can be life threatining -it’s not as benign as everyone wants to believe.





    health, I don’t know the stats, but there have been many people that have successfully had VBACS. The way your post was written makes it sound like that is not likely. There are doctors that specifically specialize in VBACS and have had great success.

    The other point you made I agree with 100%. However, at the time of the emotional distress the mother may be going through, she may not be ready to thank the doc just then. Think of the pain and heartache she is going through.



    VBAC is a term used when referring to a woman giving birth naturally after having her previous baby delivered through a c-section.


    What are you trying to say?

    What is your first point,and what is your second point?

    Was it a VBAC? (a regular birth after a cesarean- go google)

    Does the doctor think that was related to the issue?

    Did she curse out the doctor?

    Did she sue?

    Was the doctor negligent?

    so right

    Health: General Anesthesia can also be life threatening. As many medical procedures. Read the form you sign.

    Dr. Pepper


    First of all- Mazel Tov to this person on the birth of her baby.

    Second of all- Giving birth is a traumatic experience on the body, finding out that one can bear no more children can be devastating. She may have had dreams of having a much larger family and it’s all gone.

    I’m not justifying her behavior, I’m just asking you to excuse her.

    This just happened a few days ago, please give her some time to cool off and get her thoughts together.


    “Secondly, if someone saves your life- you should show them hakaros hatov and thank them and NOT complain about the fact that you can’t have anymore children. “

    Health, that is truly unbecoming to say such a thing. May Hashem spare you and yours from ever going through such a devastating nisayon. You have NO idea what a trauma it is to a woman to elarn she can never ever have another child. there are women who regularly go through life-threatening procedures and pregnancies, in order to have a child. I would agree that a woman who already had several children, should thank Hashem for her healthy kids and accept His gezaira, but how could you make such an appalling statement about someone who has obviously had such a tragic emergency? I am frankly very surprised at your apaprent lack of empathy.


    Really can’t comment on the first point, since I don’t know too much about the issue. As for the second point, she just had a pretty big package thrown her way. And the (partial) point of this thread is to judge her reaction?! After she just had a baby?! Completely ridiculous IMO.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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