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    First off, if Hashem wants someone to be matzliach, he will be.

    Practically speaking, too many businesses start on a whim without feasibility studies done on the part of the business owner. If a person follows his dream to open a business but doesn’t think about the economic feasibility, is this called hishtadlus OR a bracha levatalah?

    For example: If someone were to open an Indian Style Vegan restaurant in Boro Park, or a Harley davidson dealership in Monroe, that person wasted his time, energy, and usually SOMEONE ELSE’S money.

    Before a person opens shop a feasibility study should be done. Also, don’t quit your day job that pays insurance when you are bitten by the open my own business bug. Start part time or hire someone else and see whether your idea is really brilliant or not.


    Art – I thought this was a review of a restaurant you ate at last night!

    And yes, its also true that many highly educated people are having a tough time finding work. But for the most part, skilled, talented, educated people have a better shot at earning a decent living, while uneducated folks are stuck in a dead end.

    Emuna and bitachon are the foundation of who we are, but they must be paired with thought-out hishtadlus on our part, that allow us to seize the heaven sent opportunities when they come knocking.



    If someone were to open an Indian Style Vegan restaurant in Boro Park

    with the right hechsher he’d do quite well….


    is there really such a restaurant, or is that just a hypothetical?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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