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    Does anyone know of any very late Friday night Minyan for Mincha and Kabbolas Shabbos in Flatbush? Anywhere between E. 2nd Street and E. 32nd Street. (I know such minyanim are all over Boro Park.)

    Mincha should start well after the regular Shkia (but obviously before R”T’s Shkia 58.5 minutes later.)



    A worthy minyan for those who follow Rabeinu Tam l’kula u’lchumra. However, the resolution of half minutes is not found anywhere in Shas and Poskim. If there is a modern-day posek who insists on half-minutes (or less), he should rethink it.


    Landaus davens pretty late Friday night


    I think Rabbi Herbst’s shul on M & E. 5 has a late Minyan downstairs.

    Reb Eliezer

    Look at the Chasam Sofer Shut O’CH 80.

    meir G

    your question sounds fishy , because you are not walking cross town , u gave a 1.5 mile radius. if you were sincere you would say near m & coney as an example
    if its a shaas hadchak on rare occasion or you are farshlepped and cant get to mincha on time even once a week


    >> half-minutes

    a helek is 3.3 seconds

    Just keep an atomic clock on the wall.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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