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    i want to hear ppls. opinions on a matter that bothers me so:

    i understand that people love attention and kavod and being part of things, but listen to this: in my camp, a boy was complaining of chest pains, so the menahel called the cook/lifguard/hatzolah guy on premises over. first he said he’s busy, then he said he’s coming soon… after a while he still didn’t show and the bochur was in pain, so the menahel decided to call hatzolah. and guess what? the first guy to come runing is our dear coook/lifuard/hatzolah friend!!!!!

    a friend of mine rented a car from a guy in brooklyn to travel to montreal. on his way, close to brooklyn still he noticed a tire problem. he called the guy he rented it from to ask for help, and this guy says he’s busy and has no time and can’t come help him. without a choice, my friend calls chaveirim. who was the chaveirim member to respond for the call??? yes, you guessed.

    i can’t explain which part it is that bothers me, but somehtings terribly wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Godol metzuva v’oseh mi eino metzuva v’oseh.


    Raphael, wouldn’t being asked for help qualify one as “metzuveh”?


    The Hatzolah part I can’t answer for. But the Chaveirim call makes sense. Like Raphael Kaufman (Poster #2)jokingly said. When someone responds to a call for help, they prefer it should go on record. What the Cook/Lifeguard/Hatzolah member should have done is, respond to the request for help by the camp administrator and then called Hatzolah for additional assistance.


    “When someone responds to a call for help, they prefer it should go on record”

    And can anybody explain to me why they prefer it should go on record


    The Hatzolah part could be 1. that when he heard that a kid was complaining of chest pain he figured it was nothing. Which is likely the case in 99.99% of the time (unless there was some sort of trauma). But when he heard that they called Hatzolah he may have changed his mind.

    2. He may have had similar occurrences and it turned out to be nothing each time. But when they called Hatzolah…

    3. The story he was told the first time may have been different than what he heard on his radio.

    4. He may have gone so others shouldnt have to come for nothing.



    Mustangrider and Kako. The difference is between responding personally and responding professionally. Responding because your officially dispatched is metzuveh v’oseh because membership in the organization or employment in a business requires that one respond to dispatch. Being asked personally is eino metzuveh.


    Vichtig. Can someone translate into english?


    Vichtig = Important.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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