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    Attacker Uses Hammer On Officers Near Notre Dame In Paris After yelling ‘This Is For Syria’

    Violence continued to rock Europe today, as police in Paris shot and
    wounded a Muslim civilian. This follows the incident earlier in the week where police in London shot and killed three Muslim civilians. Many others were also killed and wounded in the recent incident in London.

    These are only the latest flare-ups in the cycle of violence that has gripped Europe for the last several years. The violence has seen a sharp uptick since the European armies have escalated their extensive military campaigns in the sovereign State of Syria, killing and maiming thousands of civilians.

    The UN has called for both sides to de-escalate the conflict.

    Police allege that the victim of the gunfire attack initiated the incident.


    Violence in Europe sharply escalated today, with an as of yet unknown number of pedestrians killed and maimed after being run over by a van, and two Arabs being shot dead by police. This latest flare-up follows years of violence between Europeans and the Arab minority that has left hundreds dead and wounded, and many thousands dead, wounded, or displaced in Syria due to the actions of the European militaries.

    Police allege that the Arabs who were shot were responsible for the incident with the van.

    Donald Trump condemned violence “on both sides”.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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