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    I’ve no doubt that the narrowminded mods of YW – who welcome ignoramuses with open arms – will yet again suppress the below truth, among zillions of other truths they’ve suppressed. In any case, this is my final post here,

    …after which I’m outta the USSR, and washing my hands of the Sheker this site is tainted with.

    Because suppression of Truth is also Sheker.


    Re: Vision-mongering versus power-mongering

    I’ve heard & read all sorts of shiurim but they’re often based upon the current world paradigm which has been manipulated by the power brokers of earth.

    Take this for example:

    “The reason Zokef Kefufim appears directly after Matir Asurim, is

    because only after someone is freed from prison can he then walk


    Well, can I interest someone in a breath of futuristic in”sight” akin

    to Chad gadya:

    POKEACH IVRIM – the blind can become sighted


    MALBISH ARUMIM – injected stem cells RE-CLOTHE depleted color receptors of eyes


    MATIR ASURIM – genuine technologies which work with nature, get

    RELEASED from suppression by power mongers


    ZOKEF KEFUFIM – genuine practitioners and physicists are enabled by

    G-d to prevail instead of remaining in the role of KEFUFIM KOW-TOWING

    to power-monger’s dictates

    Adieu, ye agents of the Taliban.


    huh? I feel like i’m missing something here.

    Well, that’s gotta be a new record for shortest-lived poster!


    ha! no clue what your talking about. she came, she saw, she complained

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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