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    We’ll be visiting Orlando for a week and have never been before. Can any of you kind coffee room people give us some information about kosher restaurants, fun things to do like Waters ports, snorkelling etc. Also has anyone ever been to discovery Cove and swam with dolphins – is it worth the exorbitant price? And lastly what Disney land Park would be most suitable for adults? Sorry I forgot to mention myself and my spouse are going on our own
    Thanking you in advance for your kind help


    I visited Disney World as an adult and loved Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Epcot.
    Here’s my list of recommended attractions: It’s A Small World and Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom), Mission Space and Soaring (Epcot) and the bird show (Animal Kingdom).
    Take along a camera and be prepared to have an amazing time! (Oh, and if you’ll be riding Space Mountain, take care that your shaitel doesn’t go flying like mine did…)

    Undercover Bochur

    I believe there is only 1 kosher reasturaun in Orlando, ive never been to it but iv heard from many people that its amazing. I think its called Kosher grill.

    About the parks, I went earlier this year and I loved universal and Island of adventure. Magic kingdom is more for kids. Sea world is cool if you like the shows/aquarium type


    I have eaten at Kosher Grill- 5615 International Drive. There is a Winn Dixie -11957 S Apopka Vineland Rd with a large Kosher section (raw meats and chicken, along with packaged deli and cholov yisroel products).

    ☕️coffee addict

    When I went years ago there was about two kosher restaurants

    Google kosher Orlando


    Each park has one restaurant where they serve Kosher double wrapped Airline food. Ask guest services which one it is


    Thanks everyone that’s really helpful! So I guess no one has been to discovery Cove? Also it’s a random question but is it easy to buy a disposable bbq in local supermarkets as we have been places that don’t sell them


    In Florida you shouldn’t have an issue purchasing


    I am pretty sure i saw them in the Winn Dixie cited above.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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