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    yes, vista has some major bugs. one thing you can do is make sure you are all up to date. then check you memory. make sure you have over 2 Gb, if you can max out at 4 (which will show up at most 3.25-3.5 as some is taken away for video, unless you have the 64 bit one, in which case you can put in as much as you want.)

    another thing to check, open the case, look at the capacitors. those would be the tube shaped things coming of the mother board. they will have what looks like X, K, Y etched on top (each one has a different one, not each one has ll three.) if these etchings seem to be rising, as in not flat, or have what looks like rust above them, then the mother board is done. if under warranty, call the manufacturer. if this is the case, it is better to fix yourself, as shipping your computer out is a pain in the neck. if you dont know how, and if you dont, i truly dont advise it, i can give you an address where to bring it. depending on the manufacturer it can furthest to a place in queens, about 35 minutes away, at best in boro park.

    another thing you can check is the paging file size, also known as virtual memory. these should be set high, both at minimum and maximum, lets say at 2000. that should ease up memory usage for other things, like video rendering, which seems to be your problem.

    if all this doesnt work, let me know, i guess by posting, and maybe i can walk you through some other steps, or give you some sites that may help you. it will be easier then googling it,

    whatever you do, do not download any free optimizers! they are almost all bad and corrupted, filled with trojans, spyware, adware, and viruses!

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