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    mrs. Katz

    I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the ernster meoir chaim branch of viznitz in yerusholayim.


    The official rebbe is R’ moishe ernster, who is in nineties and suffers from alzheimers ?? ?????. his son r’ velvel is basically in charge. he is a son in law of the Veitzener rebbe from chicago.



    R’ velvel ernster comes every now and again to GG, and stays by a g’vir called gross, where many rebbes stay. he raises money for the me’oir hcayim moidois, so i assume that he actually has some moisdois.


    the real question is do they buy their kids sneakers or sandals, do the grandparents buy the einiklach shabbos shoes, and is their cheder suitable to walk around in in one’s socks.




    R’Moshe Ernster is a son-in-law of R”chaim Meir Hager zz’l , and a brother-in-law of R’Moshele hager zz’l , recently nifta, both Vishnitzer rebbes. Hence, he is the uncle of the present Vishnitzer rebbe, R’yisroel Hager shelita.

    His son does lead the bais hamedrash in jerushulaim, which is ,of course, on the vishnitzer derech.



    it is a wonderful moisid. i lived in that area (sanhedria meruchevet)for a few years, and knew r’ chaim mayer ehrenster very well. what about do you care to know about?


    The little I know

    R’ Moshe Ernster shlit”a opened his beis hamedrash in Sanhedria Hamurchevet in 1974. He immediately opened a kollel there which was somewhat novel in requiring the bnai kollel to sign in and out.

    His oldest son, R’ Velvel was the Rav in a Viznitzer shteibel in a nearby neighborhood. When R’ Moshe established a Viznitzer settlement in Tzfas and relocated there, R’ Velvel assumed the role of Rav in Sanhedria Hamurchevet. He is not the SIL of the Veitzener Rov of Chicago, but a SIL of the Uheler Rov (brother to the Veitzener).

    The extended Ernster family is well known, and are a bunch of really wonderful people. The Ernster home in Yerushalayim was a open home, full of guests every Shabbos. R’ Moshe was a known baal tzedokoh when I was there long ago.

    His second son, R’ Menachem is a SIL of the Yeshuos Moshe, and is Rosh Hayeshiva of Viznitz in Bnei Brak. Third son is R’ Yisroel in Boro Park. Fourth son is R’ Eliezer in E”Y. The one son-in-law is R’ Yisroel Eliezer Adler (his mother was another daughter of the Imrei Chaim), who was recently named Dzikover Rebbe. The Ernster family is known for its achdus, and, as such, is a model for rebbishe families world over who can learn from them.


    mrs. Katz

    Thanks for all your help guys. this is way better than googling!!!

    I wanted to know about their schools, someone told me that since they have very few of their own chassidim, their school attracts a lot of kids from “klal chassidi” backgrounds – i.e. not belz ger vitnitz etc…

    Is it true that a lot of “chutznikim” send their chidlren there?


    mrs. Katz

    Venahapoich – i am not sure how shoes fit in, but theyprobably do not shabbos shoes, since in e”y noone wears separate shoes on shabbos. However thay probably buy their kids apartments, which are far more expensive.


    The little i know – you seem to know more than me.

    Could you tell me how r’ velvel ernster is related to the meisels of seagate? And where does the satmar meisels fit in?


    The little I know

    There were a few Meisels brothers. The Veitzener Rov from Chicago, from whom the Seagate mishpocho derives. The Uheler Rov (FIL to R’ Velvel (Zevi) Ernster), Sorvosher Rov who lived in NY, and the Uvayer Rov from BP. R’ Dovid Dov Meisels (SIL of the Beirach Moshe – previous Satmar Rebbe) is son of Uheler Rov. Sorvosher Rov who lived in NY. All have large, expansive families BA”H.



    The little i know

    R’ duvid halperin of GG, son of haGa’on R’ chuna halperin is married to a daughter of ther veitzener of chicago – and i always thought that he was a bil of R’ meisels of satmar and rabbi ernster. Are you sure that you have not made a mistake?

    Mrs. katz

    “Venahapoich – i am not sure how shoes fit in, but theyprobably do not shabbos shoes, since in e”y noone wears separate shoes on shabbos. However thay probably buy their kids apartments, which are far more expensive.”

    It is also far more crazy.


    mrs. Katz

    No help anyone?

    Golders greener i agree to the apartmant business being crazy in general, but i think that this particular family actually owns enough apartments in both sanhedria nad tzefas, so i wouldn’t worry about them.

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