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    To Whom This May Concern,
    When I first saw the ad for the VFC I was appalled with the implied agenda. It seems that some “askonim” are bored and are looking for the next thing to stir up the pot.
    The way I’m reading the ad is…
    Let’s complain about the care we’re receiving, from workers who are overworked and dealing with an impossible situation.
    Let’s complain about not getting the best care, when hospitals are working at 50% over capacity, with no extra staff.
    Let’s complain about not having the best care, when your doctors, nurses, EMTS, and all other medical professionals haven’t had a days rest in a month.

    Instead of complaining, maybe go to a frontline worker, look into their tired eyes, eyes that have seen more death and pain in the last month than probably their entire career, and with meaning say, “Thank You.” Thank them for leaving their families, thank them for exposing themselves to COVID-19 so you don’t have to, thank them for putting their lives AND THEIR FAMILIES LIVES on the line so YOU can stay safe.

    I might be wrong about this ad. It might be that they want to work for the future, and in the event of another pandemic to be prepared. But from the wording of the ad it doesn’t seem like that’s the case, and if it is it should be clarified.

    It’s time to stop complaining and start thanking.
    Thank you to all the frontline workers for saving lives, while jeopardizing their own.


    The voice of truth has echoed the hard truth. It is so easy to complain, criticize, berate and of course be negative. Nobody has answers, we as a community need to rally behind do good, unconditionally and no other reason. People are looking to blame the Yidden for any reason. Let us not give them that opportunity. We are accountable for our actions. At Har Sinia we all agreed and said Na’ase Ve’nishma. Let us
    Let us enter the final days of Yom Tov bikdusha ve’tahara. Daven or do not daven with a minyan, we are all Yidden. Not to judge each other but fulfill the mitzvos.
    Wishing you all A Git Yom Tov.


    I understood it to be raising the issue of forced DNRs etc. The hospital industry has an old problem with this and as they get stretched thin it may be expected to worsen, I believe Chayim Aruchim of the Agudah took out print ads regarding this issue.


    What/who is VFC?


    The facts are that a certain percentage of healthcare workers are not treating frum Yidden properly which is leading to more deaths & sickness (See the letter by Rav Shlomo Miller Shlita). Precisely because healthcare workers are overstrained & facing the risk of catching ill they are more susceptible to believe the reporting in the mass media that ultra-orthodox Jews aren’t practicing social isolation & thereby putting everyone else at risk. A nurse in Kimball hospital in Lakewood told a female patient as she was intubating her “You’re probably not coming out of here alive”. When people are stressed out, their darker sides often emerge & we need to be prepared to deal with this. This is actually the reason why the Poskim of Lakewood have forbidden all minyonim, even on porches. The frum patients are being mistreated in the hospitals because of the foolish behavior of some in the frum community. Holding people responsible for their behavior is sometimes the only way to get them to overcome their biases against us. I can see a place for this kind of askonus. I also realize that it may antagonize things more. This is a hard call.


    Haimy: Why, and which askonus, might it antagonize things more?


    Volunteer Fire Company?


    Gebencht should be the ones that take on the cause of Pikuach Nefesh. The hospitals have broken their vows of saving Life instead took on the laws of Sodom.
    Unfortunately, NY is not Pro-life and our brothers and sisters currently in hospitals are the Kurbunes of a system gone amok. If they were in decline before CoronaVirus imagine the state of affairs now.

    For those that are not supportive of the askunim I say ” To stand by idly and watch the shedding of Yiddish blood is like you would be part of the horrible atrocities yourself”
    If Rabbi Weissmandel were to be alive today it would be his cause!!
    To the brave men and women taking on the bullets remember’
    When one does for the Klal he will get stones… It is, unfortunately, human nature… but look at the size of the stones. A small stone, you did not do enough.. BIG STONES… You are doing well and continue doing the Holy work of saving lives!!

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