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    So i have these vocal nodules which gives me a deepish voice that gets hoarse really quicky. also, i cant sing anymore and run out of breathe while speaking. really im fine living like this but it most probably will get worse as i get older……any suggestions on treatment??


    Sure. Take out some cabbage. If I had stuffed in cabbage, I wouldn’t be able to make ANY sound?


    Believe it or not Speech Therapy helps a great deal. I had this same problem. LEt me ask you, though – have you had a THOROUGH endocrinological workup done also, to ensure you are not experiencing THYROID problems?


    I know tons of ppl with that.It runs in my fam. U need to get urself checked out cuz sometimes it could be something dangerous and u could need surgery CV. And- voice lessons. See a doc.


    We thought my little son (3yrs) might have nodules because he was also very hoarse sounding. I kept thinking he had strep,we did a lot of cultures on him,like one every few weeks since i kept taking him to the pediatrician and that’s what Drs do when you bring in a kid that has a hoarse voice. Needless to say,the cultures were always negative(this went on from the end of the summer,till around early nov. When I finally had enough and took him to an ent. He looked with his very strong light that was strapped to his forehead and he said that my sons throat was coated in white as were his tonsils and there was no way a pediatrician could see that far down with just the Popsicle stick and his little light. He gave him strong antibiotics for 2 weeks and said we should see an improvement. We didn’t right away,but after day 8 or so,he was not so hoarse,then it went away totally. So maybe,you have a bad throat infection?

    Also the ent had told me if he didn’t respond to the antibiotics,it’s probably a nodule and he would send him to a speech therapist who would teach him how to breathe and speak properly without straining his voice and vocal chords. But first he would have to scope him to make sure. I’m happy BH he got better without all this. But maybe you should check if it really is nodules.


    sometimes you can loose your voice from acid reflux, it can destroy the vocal cords.


    StuffedCabbage- Make an appointment with an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor, and let the Doctor examine the Throat Nodules. Refua Shalaimah. Don’t delay.

    Pashuteh Yid

    There is surgery for nodules, but you need to go to a real expert. Sometimes the results are worse than before. I think a famous movie star (Julie Andrews?) had the surgery, and then said that she was unable to sing afterwards. They use one foot long very narrow instruments to reach inside and try to clip off the nodules, something like scissors, but sometimes they can shake and they may accidentally clip off part of the vocal cords. It is not simple.

    I knew a baal tefila who was told they cannot rule out cancer unless he had the surgery. Thankfully the nodules were regular benign things, and his voice was still good, afterwards, but not as strong as it was before.

    I guess if the voice is so bad it really sounds like gravel, you have nothing to lose, but if you are just looking for a minor improvement, it would be risky.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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