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    Where in Monsey can one find volunteer opportunities? Besides Tomchei Shabbos?

    I. M. Shluffin

    Try the local ASPCA.


    Chessed 24/7

    Maybe Chai lifeline

    preschool/elementary schools (they always need summer help preparing for next year)

    Needy mothers who cannot afford babysitters/mothers helpers

    social service agencies

    There are congressional elections this year so ask your local candidates who are running if you can help distribute flyers…

    New mothers who may need cleaning help.

    Some needy kallahs need people to dance at their weddings

    nursing homes

    medical clowning (requires minimal training) for children in hospitals


    you can knit blankets for cancer patients.

    google “volunteer match” and you should get a website with more opportunities



    Special needs: Friendship Circle, Yedei Chesed. (Dunno if Hamaspik uses volunteers…)

    Hospitals: Chesed 24/7, Bikur Cholim

    or maybe Good Sam could use volunteers, dunno

    Nursing homes/rehab: Northern Metropolitan, Friedwald, Fountainview (dunno how volunteering works here either…)

    Kiruv: Oorah ChillZone during the school year, JEP, babysitting at Ohr Somayach (dunno if that’s kiruv but they tend to need people)

    Chai Lifeline (contact them for people in need in Monsey)

    These are just things that friends of mine have done. (If you’re not a [teenage] girl some of them may or may not be open to you.) I’m sure there are many, many, more, especially if you look at your friends and family and see what voids you can fill (which is how I found my high school chessed job, which is NOT on this list). The opportunities are endless.

    If you are looking for ideas, if you know any Monsey high school chessed coordinators…


    Any no-kill animal shelter.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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