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    Dave Hirsch

    If you are voting for an Israeli Knesset Member or want the continuation of corruption, vote Hikind. If you want the institutions and organizations that give Hikind much reverence and honor making the decisions for you and your children, keep the status quo. If you want a voice, you want someone working on your behalf and not on behalf of a body that will bring him or his endorsed candidates, vote Doherty. While I doubt that Doherty will be victorious tomorrow, a message must be sent to Dov Hikind. This election is a referendum on Hikind, he will continue with business-as-usual if he sees support for his current unacceptable behavior. We must show his, he got to shape up or ship out.


    You make a good case. But it’s like expecting Strom Thurmond to bedefeated. This why term limits were invented. I think Dov will be fine. But if he sees that 40% of his brethren voted against him – he’ll get the message.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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