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    Rav Agidor Miller ztl said it so well, years ago:

    We have to take action and it is already a little late in the season – the Orthodox Jews have to wake up and realize they have to vote not for what somebody promises to give them some benefit, some handout, some small program or some privilege. I want to tell you that there are Jewish askanim, Orthodox askanim, who are supporting congressmen who are trying to undermine America. The congressman comes to the frum Orthodox askan and he offers him some privileges, so he chaps, he seizes it. “Ah, my shtiebel will get special privileges, my rebbe will get special privileges, my yeshivah will get special privileges.” Meanwhile, he doesn’t care a hoot what’s going to happen to America. This congressman is undermining America! We have to vote not for a person who promises a handout, a benefit. We vote for the overall benefits to America because when America benefits, the Orthodox Jew is also going to benefit.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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