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    Avi K

    The 2016 Republican platform (you can read the full, detailed text online) is pro-life, calls for overturning Obergefell, is pro-choice in education, ignores the so-called two-state solution, calls united Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel (which it greatly praises). Moreover, in the last two years dozens of pro-freedom of religion and speech judges have been appointed to Federal courts, including two to SCOTUS, HEW is promoting choice in education, the US embassy has been moved to Jerusalem, the Fakestinians and supporters of terror in the UN have been greatly defunded. On the other hand, the new class of Democrats in the House contains several Israel bashers and outright supporters of terrorism as well as economic illiterates who want to bring back the failed system of socialism.


    and republicans include david duke and the pittsburgh shooter. Time to vote for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Participant 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Avi K

    Participant, Duke and his ilk were disowned by the GOP. The Pittsburgh shooter in fact claimed that Trump is controlled by the Jews (hallevai)


    You don’t live in the USA. Let us resident/citizen/voters handle who we vote for and you can deal with your own mess in the Knesset.

    Republican Party, who brought us garbage such as Trump, Harding, Hoover, Reagan, McConnell, Ryan, Hatch, Gingrich, Guiliani…………is not something to be touting.

    Vote individuals not party…it’s not a parliamentary system where you have to vote the party list…thank G-d!


    CTL, Americans living abroad have voting rights in the United States.

    If the Democrats ever had a President one fifth as good as Reagan there might have been something to talk about.


    “The 2016 Republican platform (you can read the full, detailed text online) is pro-life”

    AviK ,

    They are not pro-life.
    Hundreds of Americans have been killed in mass shootings in the past 2 years because the R’s are in bed with the NRA.
    The Afghanistan and Iraq wars have been started by Republicans with millions dead.
    Trump continues to support SA despite the killing of civilians in Yemen.
    The R’s couldn’t care less once the baby is born . No health insurance .
    You live in a conflict zone – sorry we don’t care. No immigration for you.
    An American resident was murdered in Turkey. Sorry we don’t care about you.
    Pro life is the self-righteous baloney that the Republicans spout to make them feel good.


    You didn’t write; Reagan , Giuliani, Gingrich as garbage, did you??
    Something in the water in your town, counselor???


    It’s not about the Republicans vs Democrats, it’s about the lizards vs the people.


    Democrats are not pro life, they kill millions of baby every year.
    The Obama administration began the Yemen campaign to prop up the Iranian government, funny how you say Trump “continues” to support, completely disregarding the one who began the support.
    Pro-immigration is the self-righteous baloney that the democrats spout to make them feel good.


    Reagan the guy who beat Carter and Mondale in a landslide? Hoover wasn’t bad. America believed in an idea of free enterprise, at the time. Trump is the best president the Jews have ever had. We don’t have to vote for your Obama care plan.

    Avi K

    1. I am an American citizen. If I had enough money I would have make all kinds of reports to the IRS.
    2. While I believe that a Jew must live in Israel I am still concerned about America and especially about my fellow Jews there. BTW, there is a very active group called Republicans Abroad which has a branch in Israel (as does Democrats Abroad).

    Jackk, guns don’t kill people. People kill people. The answer to criminals is an armed citizenry. If the people in the Etz Chaim shul had had guns and the right to use them most would have been saved. In fact, after the Har Nof massacre Rav Asher Weiss told his congregants who have licenses to bring them to shul.

    Avi K

    Besides, CTL, if foreigners can tell Netanyahu how to manage the struggle with the Fakestinians we can tell them how to run their countries. In fact, some hold that he have an obligation to missionize forthe sheva mitzvot.


    To those mindless sheeplach who blindly vote for all of either party’s candidates w/o focusing on their individual background and positions, I guess there is not much to say. What has really been depressing for most traditional Republicans is their willingness to hold their noses and support Trump on even his most bizarre, racist and ignorant comments. Guys like Rubio, Graham and Christie who once were principled Republicans have sold their souls to avoid being on the wrong side of a Trump tweetstorm. Those who we thought had some backbone like Flake and Corker are heading into the sunset. To those who believe that moving the Embassy sign from Tel Aviv to Yerushalayim and pardoning SMR define a Presidency as the greatest in history for yidden, even less to say.


    If you read my post carefully I wrote about citizens who are residents in the USA.
    AviK may be a citizen, but he does not reside in the USA.

    anonymous Jew

    CT, please stay in your compound and dwell on JFK and LBJ ( 2 serial adulterers) who got us into Viet Nam, FDR ( who kept Jews out of US and refused to bomb rail lines to Auschwitz, blindly trusted Stalin , Jimmy Carter, and that other serial adulterer, Bill Clinton , not to mention Hillary , who permitted it.


    Given that the Democrats appear to being taking a sharp turn to the left, rejecting the heritage of Bill Clinton (1992 version), Carter (1976 version), Johnson, Kennedy, Truman and Roosevelt, there isn’t much choice for Jews. We “cling to religion” (their words, not our’s), meaning we are deplorables to be crushed.

    P.S. One probably shouldn’t blame Roosevelt for anti-Jewish policies that were supported by the American Jewish community (run by Reform Jews, who didn’t want hordes of Eastern European Jews dropping in). They actively lobbied against “rescue” (and surprise, their grandchildren are the ones who want to get rid of deplorable people who cling to old fashioned religion).

    Avi K

    Dor,actually those Republicans were going to stay home until Crooked Hillary made her speech about people having to change religious doctrines. That is why she went from a ten-point lead to losing the election. There was no choice, especially with SCOTUS and dozens of lower-court judgeships on the line.

    CTL, if you read Joseph’s post you will see that he wrote about expats. We have the same responsibilities and the same rights (besides the additional reasons I posted). BTW, France even allots eleven seats in the National Assembly to expats. One of them is a French-Israeli named Meyer Habib.


    Venahapechu, Purim , is coming in early this year.
    To wit: Christie, a duplicitous backstabber is called ‘once principled’.
    Eat another hamantesh dunked with a jug of Stolichnaya for
    this one:
    Corker & Flakey once had backbone.
    And yes, we Yidden show hakarat hatov for embassy to Yerushalayim,and pardon for Rubashkin…. For that alone, I’m thanking Hashem for His chosen shaliach..L’Chaim, chevra….
    Hey Uncle Louie .. pass me some of your home brew…I won’t tell a soul.


    ” Guys like Rubio, Graham and Christie who once were principled Republicans have sold their souls to avoid being on the wrong side of a Trump tweetstorm”
    Graham is news to me.
    Rubio I agree with you. The guy lost my vote and all self-respect.
    Christie was always a jerk.

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