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    Most people don’t know this but during hoshanis, one has to walking completly around the bimah 7 times. If you walk slow, there is no way it will be 7 times, maybe 4 or 5. Why is everybody walking so slow, and when I cut the line, they look at me like I took something away from them.

    Also, when saying hoshanis, both hands need to hold the lulav and esrog, not one hand.


    So how do you hold your machzir?


    So Gotbeer:- Please let us know what Chiddush you have taught us? These are 2 Halochos which we have all known for decades.

    Next year, Pray at a small Minyan without such a crowd, and you’ll have no problems encircling 7 times.


    do you have a source?


    when I cut the line, they look at me like I took something away from them.

    When you cut the line, you slow down everyone else on the line behind you — causing them to be unable to make the 7 full rounds! So, of course, you shouldn’t cut. What makes your 7 rounds more important than everyone else’s 7 rounds?


    Firstly no u don’t need either 7 times or 2 hand (just lechatchila 2 hands 4 halel and ikur naanuim)

    And secondly no one cares if u cut the line but the people who do normally push past and bump into everyone else in their ‘zerizus’ for the hakafos

    A mentsch would stay where he is

    I doubt any rov would cut the line if the kehilla was moving slowly


    When you cut the line you make them walk even less. A lack of derech eretz may be a bigger issuer than not doing the full 7 swirls or a one hand hold. If you are really concerned add another table and it will move faster and spread out people so you can simply go around slow folk w/o cutting anyone off.


    How do you hold the siddur?


    By us, the rav told the chazzan to wait until he returned to the bimah before starting the next set of Hoshannos. Thus, we enabled everyone ti circle seven times while saying the seven sets of Hoshannos.

    The Wolf


    At my Minyan, there were 5 people who didn’t circle the Bimah once.


    Anyone with sense throws out their lulav after hallel on hosh rabba since the mitzva is over. Then, you have no lulav for hoshanos and no reason to walk around. No reason to complain.


    Nobody in any minyan walks slow. There may be, however, those who walk slowly.


    first of all 7 times is only on hoshana raba, not the whole yt just making that clear. second, mishna brurah doesnt say anyting about holding the lulav with 2 hands (all this said by my bro, just sayin i dont learn mishna brurah :P)

    YW Moderator-42

    In our minyan the chazan times his walk so that he finishes each of the 7 sections at the time that he gets back to the amud, this usually means saying the last few lines without walking or while walking very slowly. Everybody else behind him just follows along and everybody ends up doing 7 (or at least 6+)


    hi feif.

    i always kick peoples heels by hoshanas if theyre going too slow. they think its by accident so they chap to hurry up. but really its on purpose.

    Ken Zayn

    ” Also, when saying hoshanis,

    both hands need to hold the

    lulav and esrog, not one hand…

    …So how do you hold your

    machzir?… “

    This is where those mini hoshanos booklets come in, some have clips to allow you up literally clip it onto your lulav. Others are on a piece of paper.

    ” Firstly no u don’t need … 2 hand (just lechatchila 2 hands 4 halel and ikur


    In the ??? ???? that many recite before shaking ???? it says ” ???? ?????? ???? ” which is singular (hand), not plural (hands). How does this fit in?

    BTW who saw the hilarious picture of the shul where everyone sticks a copy of the ??????? onto the back of their ???? and they all go around the ???? reading from the back of the guy in front of them…


    Avhaben & The Goq- Put it on top of your wrist.

    147- My concern is that people don’t know the halacha & I will daven where I want to.

    Showjoe- Ask 147 & it says it in the Machzor.

    Litvish KJ- If they would walk faster we wouldn’t have this problem & mine are not more important its just that I am knowledable in the halacha.

    Blueprints- You do need to & I don’t bump or push.

    Medium Thinker- Like I said before, we wouldn’t have the problem if they were walking faster. A lack of derech eretz isn’t the solution to every problem.

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