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    How funny would that be if I ask my little corner yiddishe, kosher grocery store if he can carry in stock “fair trade” coffee.

    Then next week start carrying ” organic fair trade rice”?.

    Then ask him how many peseants had to work for pennies to pick those tropical pineapples from costa rica? then stage a mini protest outside, raising awareness of this all. In the middle of chassidisher brooklyn.


    Hi arwsf.

    lol…I would not expect to find that at the yiddishe, kosher grocery store.

    Do you know Trader Joes is loaded with kosher items that are also fair trade and all those other things? Coffee, in particular, can come with a whole host of impurities and be chemically treated.

    You should see if they have one near you.

    : )


    always runs with scissors fast,

    I think what you say is comical, but I don’t think that the store owner is going to take it that way. Let’s just keep that idea here in the CR.

    ED IT OR

    do you think the store owner sees this site


    ARWSF – How about this for ironic? Grain fed beef. Sounds like the rancher is doing the steer a big favor, and feeding him something healthful, no?

    In fact, grass is better, and the grain is in reality harder for the animals to digest. But it fattens then faster, which means more $$$.

    If only we knew the “cost” of getting our food to the table.

    Now, you’ll excuse me, I have to go outside and hug a few trees, and save a few whales.


    How funny would that be if I ask my little corner yiddishe, kosher grocery store if he can carry in stock “fair trade” coffee.

    I see nothing wrong with it. I’ve asked shopkeepers in the past for Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.


    bpt, you’re hilarious. Did you give any pines a kiss as well?

    ok dash you don’t get it. Vinegar is very different than having some honest little harding working chassidic man prepare himself for a politically correct line of items. To support an ideology.


    Why would you want to take away jobs from those poor peasants?


    ” give any pines a kiss? “

    (Porcu)pines? Pine(apples)? Gee, I never thought of that.

    Pine trees? No, that might be misconstrued as paying homage to the late December tree-intensive celebration.

    But I am going to go “off grid” this weekend. (As will all of us).

    See? Being green is nothing new.. we Yidden have been doing so for centuries!


    Hi bpt.

    Interesting thing about grass fed is that the meat from animals that are grass fed contain CLA, which is a component thought to be, probably, the most powerful protector against a very dreaded disease.

    Only grass fed animals and organic milk from grass fed cows contain this CLA, as far as I know. Makes you wonder why the food industry in general does not do the right thing as the norm, rather than having to find exclusive kosher brands at great expense to eat healthy.

    Kosher bison meat is loaded with CLA and is said to be leaner than chicken without the skin, and better, too. I try to get some once in a while, but it is harder to find.

    Also, how about asking the yiddishe grocer for produce that is not genetically modified or irradiated. lol


    ” genetically modified or irradiated “

    My local grocer? This is what he will say:

    Genetically modified? Oh,don’t worry. Dor Yisharim assures me that if just one of you tests negative, its not a problem

    Irridated? No, they water the produce from overhead sprinklers. Irridation runs the risk of bug infestation. No telling what is to be found in irridation canals.


    lol @ bpt


    bpt, when did you get so funnY?


    ” when did you get so funny? “

    When you live in BP, the materiel is just there to be picked up. Everywhere you look, every conversation, is funnier than funny.

    The problem is, they think they are being serious. And, THAT’s funny !

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