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    One more thing The tuition rates for Brooklyn (And Kingsboro) are significanlly higher for out of state residents (more than double) and you have to be a resident for at least a year to get the NY resident rates


    i know, so if I work for a year in new york and then start taking classes, its not the end of the world either…


    Brooklyn and Manhattan are ridiculously expensive, but I’ve heard that there’s a significant sized frum single community in Queens and Five Towns.


    Ok, I would not mind going to queens college either. At the moment, the only thing I am interested in majoring in is creative writing… and maybe minor in some sort of teaching foundations so that I can teach writing enrichment type of classes. I have a ton of friends in woodmere, and some friends who live in manhattan, I have friends who… now that I think about it, I have friends that live all over New York…

    Also, I need, for my own sake, to take classes in person, so online would not be so beneficial. When I was growing up, I was always told that I would end up at a community college, and then after starting to keep shabbos, I thought I would end up in a Jewish college, but now that I am old enough to understand my financial situation, I have realized that the only way to end up in a Jewish college is if I make aliyah…

    There are a lot of factors that will end up playing into the decision that I end up making. I know that community college is cheaper if you live in district, but at the same time, in my district, which is not chicago, it is impossible to go anywhere without a car, and I would have to walk five miles to get to the nearest bus stop, and that bus would not take me anywhere near the local community college in my home town.


    Queens College (Or Queensboro CC) is the same price as Brooklyn/ Kingsboro they are all part of CUNY (City University of NY)

    The 5 Towns is NOT cheap, thats where all the rich people live and besides you want to go Charedi, they are more modern there. There arent many apartments there and the ones you could afford are probabably illegal.


    I know that they are more modern, and yeah, I never thought I would be able to live there. Although I do have some chareidi friends that live in the five towns…


    There is also less public transport in the 5 towns.

    You would need to be in Queens or Brooklyn for proper public transport.

    Those people who recommend NJ also didnt realize you dont drive, you need a car in Jersey


    I had a car in my hometown, but I don’t have access to it anymore…


    Hi snowbunny3318,

    Also living in NY and financially independent. Might be able to help you. Could give you e-mail but not sure how.


    do you know rabbi shalom axelrod? he is one of the rabbi’s of the young israel in wood mere. I am friends with his daughter.


    Sounds like to me a MLM scam anytime someone says they are “financially independent” and want to help is a scam like Amway or Herbalife


    Thanks but I’m not a scam. If she doesn’t want the help shes welcome to turn it down.


    Mr. rebdoniel -“Most men, myself included, do not want to marry women who lack professional ambitions. In order to sustain a quality lifestyle, you need two incomes.”

    I’ll take your post a step further. Lots of guys want a girl who’s a Prof so they can sit and learn and be supported. I want a Prof. to support me so I can sit and blog 24/6 on YWN’s CR! LOL! (;0


    Actually the “.” screen name links to my profile… mods, is this a joke?


    Can help find place live within your budget. There are also places can work to supplement income and help pay for school.


    that would be amazing… out of curiosity “.” why does clicking on your username link to my profile, thats really weird…

    just speak to rabbi axelrod and i can get your contact info from him…


    Links to your profile? Don’t know how this works, just signed up today to post to you.


    k, i figured… I just thought it was weird. That’s all.


    I have e-mailed Rabbi Axelrod. Contact him for my e-mail.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    snowbunny – PLEASE tell me you are not foolish enough to contact someone who made a screen name today just to tell you to contact them so they can help you get your life together! Do you have any clue how dangerous, careless, irresponsible, unhealthy that is???? You cannot think of living independently in NY if you are that easy to “acquire”.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    And how is it that nobody else has commented!?!?!?!?!?!?! Support, please!


    Be careful of such advice especially from strangers on the internet, Id be very cautious about it.


    that is one of the reasons for utilizing a 3rd party.


    For the record: It will be cheaper for you to live at home and get a car, than to live in NY.

    a mamin

    SYAG: IS 100% RIGHT! How are the mods letting this through?

    Snow bunny: Hatzlocha with your move! Welcome to NEW YORK!


    I saw an add on jewishpressclassifieds for a family in brooklyn offering a free apartment in exchange for three hourse of babysitting a day. That might be up your alley, snowbunny. Check it out.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    You didn’t UTILIZE a third party! You are asking Rabbi Axelrod to forward an email! Is he speaking to the person, getting references, meeting them?! Does he have a clue that the emailer is contacting you because he found your story on a blog and wants to “help” you?




    i just spoke to his daughter about it… she said she would handle the situation because my response was an in-the moment stupid decision to make and thank G-d I utilized a third party.

    By the way, his daughter is the one with my e-mail, meaning he would have been giving me that person’s e-mail, and I could have theoretically done a background check on the e-mail…



    Please tell us you will not in any way attempt to contact this person


    I won’t.


    By the way, his daughter is the one with my e-mail, meaning he would have been giving me that person’s e-mail, and I could have theoretically done a background check on the e-mail…

    Its not very hard for someone to get a Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail e-mail address and make up information


    i tried to edit that comment before publishing it…


    Sorry for offering help. Understand seems weird but no other way to go about it. Can give references but not if you don’t want. Also, 3hrs a day babysitting (I’ve seen the “apt” in question) is not a very cheap apt. Hatzlacha.


    ummmm I am already under enough fire for my stupidity here… I don’t think it is worth continuing to pursue contacting you at this time.


    Also, I just contacted that family.


    Everyone makes mistakes as a teen its part of growing up, its how you learn to navigate the world


    yup… for sure.


    Last post; Math for babysitting 3 hrs a day = 3×10=30x4days=120x4weeks=480month

    Assuming $10hr and only working 4days a week


    I get to live in a furnished apartment free of charge in exchange for baby-sitting.


    That sounds like an amazing idea! If you still want me to call the lady please let me know.


    In case this does not work out feel free to call her.


    you might want to try luach .com, though i hope this works out. (also, someone mentioned it, and i’ll say it again-Baltimore is a really good place to go to. i’m not just saying that-i did it.) Hatzlacha!:D


    So, I think at the moment, all my bases have been covered, so I do not feel the need for this thread to continue and I would like it to be closed. Thanks everyone for helping me figure out all the chaos from the past few months.

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