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    Will Social media ever be defeated? It seems so strange that so many people are suffering emotionally from it whether they are aware of it or not, yet continue to be on social media which only makes it worse for them. Will the world wake up and realize how damaging these platforms are and put an end to them?

    It is so damaging to kids and adults and is literally shaping up the new generations from birth.
    It is causing, jealousy, anger, envy, depression and so many negative emotions on people. Yes there was some good from it in the past such as linking to distant relatives, old friends or discovering new family or not who shared the same name. But at this point you have amassed everyone you could, so what good is left in that aspect? As far as communication goes there are phones, whatsapp, and other ways to stay connected. Even whatsapp itself is a problem considering how much propaganda, nonsense, hate, ,and conflict it causes and spreads around. But the social medias have brought out the worst, and whatever little good came from them has already been covered trifold by the bad.

    Can you name a few good reasons for why frum Yidden should have social media at the very least? And dont forget the bad that comes with that little amount of good such as negative ads in your face, or profiles that are suggested to you based on area or friends of friends and so on.

    And if this META get their way, it is almost certainly the end of humanity as we know it.


    No takers on any reasons why Yidden need Social Media?


    are you sure you follow your own wise advise? A lot of your medical opinion sounds like coming off the meta or something. I a not sure what “good” is there, I only use linkedin.


    Alwaysask, as usual im not sure what you are replying to because not only do I not have Meta, I dont have any social media. And no YWN is not social media its a forum and those have been around many years and are not as problematic as social media.

    If there isnt any good from it and only negativity, then why do frum Yidden still hold on to it? It is destroying peoples minds, marriages, relationships and much more and only evokes jealousy, anger, bitterness, which leads many to depression and anxiety whether they are aware of these feelings consciously or sub-consciously.

    Even if there is any little good on there like being able to share a shiur, there is so much bad that in my opinion it outweighs any little good that it may offer. Besides there are so many other ways to share videos and messages that this is just an excuse to use the platform since everyone else is using it. It is so destructive that even the non Jewish world are aware of it but nobody is stopping it and it is only gaining more power and evolving into the way of life.


    “why Yidden need Social Media?”

    I go on social media in part to attack Jew haters on their own turf. I have challenged Omar, Sarsour, Tlaib, and a whole host of lesser figures. I have reported and blocked at least a dozen Jew haters on Twitter in the past week.

    Today I found the same Jew hatred on this site. Some vile troll used the A word to describe Isreal. I’ve gotten people suspended from social media for less. Hopefully YWN will take action.


    RW, I apologize, I was sure your covid information sources looked like coming from social media. Sorry if I imputed wrong. I asked several times, I don’t think you replied, so I made an assumption.

    I agree on the destructive nature of it. The main reason seem to be that the “recommendation” algorithm is optimized to keep eyeballs on, so people get confirmation on what they happen to think at the moment, rather than multiple information sources that make you more education. Almost like R Yohanan when he was sent a hevrusa that agreed with everything instead of Resh Lakish who argued.


    Charliehall, you really think you are making a difference? I dont think Tlaib, Omar or anyone else want to have their minds changed about what they are fighting for. At the end of the day its just a waste of energy and emotions.


    “Charliehall, you really think you are making a difference”

    Yes. A BIG difference….even one hater or hateful post that is banned/taken down is progress. Sadly, the numbers look overwhelming but the big tech firms are finally getting the message and doing more on their own. Its ironic that some of the “new” right wing MAGA sites (Gab etc.) have become the new homes for white supremacists and anti-semites that are as bad as the anti-Israel/BDS posts (disguised anti-semitism) on the more traditional social media sites.



    ” And no YWN is not social media its a forum and those have been around many years and are not as problematic as social media.”

    By any defintion, YWN (At least the coffee room) is social media

    ” forms of electronic communication (such as websites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content ”

    “websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.”

    YWN Coffee room falls squarely into those definitions. you say it is “older” than other forms, I suppose thats true, not sure why that changes things .

    you says it is ” not as problematic as social media.” I agree, but this sprt of answers your question.

    Why use something simply because it is “not as problematic”? Obviously you find some good here. In spite of it being a bit of a time waster, often full of silly ideas, inane arguments often by people who don’t understand the topics they are talking about (I once had a long drawn out discussion with someone on whether a study was valid, with someone who didn’t understand the basic idea behind studies)
    I spite of those negatives WE find something of value here, whatever that may be

    Same for other forms of social media, sure there are downsides, but people find that the good outweighs the bad. yo umention “just an excuse to use the platform since everyone else is using it.” YES! that is a big chunk of it. PEople dont want to feel left out. They find value in that


    Gadol it’s known that there are a number of trump supporters who ate white supremacists, I don’t think it’s the majority but the media does portray it that way. Also the fact that they follow him is disturbing but on the other hand are you more comfortable with those who follow the Democratic left such as BLM, BDS, LGBTQ+ and all those who viciously hate Israel and the Jews? So I guess it’s a pretty much even playing field.

    Also if you think you are getting these accounts banned think again. Facebook and the like are quicker to ban pro Israel pages than Hamas and terror groups which Facebook says falls into the category of free speech. Also you won’t be changing anyone’s mind they may get stuck for the moment without a proper comeback, but all they will do is continue manipulating and spreading their hate with distorted facts.

    The point is that if the world was off of social media it would be a much better place. The fact that it’s there,all I can think of is the need to be on it to defend what others might post about Jews such as non mask wearing or the like, but even then you can have a few groups who take care of that. Besides it usually won’t do any good, pictures and video are worth a gazillion words and people see and believe what they want so most of your explaining will do nothing.

    I’m general for anyone to have social media especially for frum Yidden, is just destructive and an accident waiting to happen. I cannot think of any good reasons for frum Yidden to have social media. Please share reasons if you have any.


    One of the problems with “social media” is that they take total control of the information the reader is getting. The reader gets feeds of news based on what the app knows about the reader and shows whatever is expected to glue the eyes. Other sources do similar with catchy headlines, etc, but at least you know the source and what you expect from them. So, YWN and old USENET, AOL, etc were “forums” in a sense that you freely selected what to read and were able to easily switch off from a topic.


    Then why do so many people choose to keep social media alive by using it?

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