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    I took my family, and friends family to Ring Homestead in Middletown, NY on the second day of Chol Hamoed Pesach, and boy was I surprised at the horrible customer service, and disgusting policies of the place.

    The park has climbing activities, some jumping activities, and a paintball section.

    To make a long story short, I spent $1000 on the 13 people (all kids besides for 4 adults). I told them I was personally not climbing anything, or doing anything in the park other than take photos of the kids, to which they responded that I will need to pay approx $40 anyways.

    I chose not to pay, and just relax in the car for a few hours, only to be told when I got to the parking lot that I will need to leave the property. “Your payment for yourself would have covered the parking fees”, was the exact quote the individual at the parking lot told me.

    I tried to explain that I just spent a thousand dollars in the place, and I will just be in my car. They wouldn’t hear of it. No only did they make me leave, but made others leave as well. One couple had dropped off their grandchildren, and were forced to leave unless they paid the minimum of $40 each.

    Have you ever heard of such greedy, disgusting people before?

    And what does that mean that my entrance fee would have covered my parking fee? Let’s say I was a car with 2 people who paid for the entrance fee, then it would have been enough?!

    How disgusting.

    I encourage anyone who is thinking about going to this place, to think twice.

    Ring Homestead Camp.

    257 Lybolt Road Middletown, NY 10941

    (845) 361-3842


    Wow- To be fair, you can exactly walk into an amusement park and claim that you wont go on any ride and therefore shouldnt have to pay admission fee. If you walk into the park you pay admission. Period. I dont think they have a way of ensuring that you dont go on any ride. Your claim to sit in your car the entire time may be true, but they have no way of knowing that. I am sure they have been burned numerous times by people making the same claim.

    That said, after spending $1000 they should have let you in.


    I think that you are wrong. Almost every Amusement Park (or the like) will charge you admission whether you will be using the rides or not. Most also charge a separate fee for parking.

    ballet slipper

    i really dont think this is right, i have went here a couple of times and never had an issue. Let yiddesh kiderluch enjoy their pesach

    YW Moderator-20

    Is this some kind of marketing in the CR?


    Isn’t this loshon hora? And nekamah?


    Big parks have thousands of customers and can’t monitor them all but this place I think should have been more accommodating. Ifi was there I would have asked for a full refund and I’m sure then at least they would’ve allowed you to sit in your car.


    okay,so where do I go now?


    if it’s $40 for you how does 13x$40 equal $1000. they should have let you in but it’s a park’s right to charge all who enter. The parking makes no sense and is inexcuseable.

    Think first

    I’m sorry you had that experience, last time I went I really enjoyed climbing like a monkey and shooting (paintballs of course) like a marine.

    Yungerman1- if you don’t pay they don’t give you a harness and you can’t do anything.

    I see no reson why a parent can’t be there to watch their children having fun and take some pictures and enjoy. Unless, they find that its gets too overcrowded with people and only a handfull are paying.

    But even so when u spend that type money, they should make an exeption.

    Achosid- why are you advertising their phone number if you don’t like them?


    While they could have been accommodating, they are well within their right to act as they did. Whether it’s Adventureland, Disney World or Great Adventures, theme parks are universally expensive and universally (as far as I know) require that all those entering pay admissions. Some parks also charge for parking.

    If this is too much of a financial burden, there are a number of beautiful alternative activities that are free including many NYS parks with stunning hikes, picnic areas and the like.


    Still don’t understand the $1000 tab for 13 people in Ring Homestead. What did you rent for paintball, real Abram Tanks and grenade launchers?

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