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    For some reason, I made this discovery yesterday.

    Count 28 years from beginning of world war 2. 1939 to 1967. You get the 6 day war.
    Count 28 years from the end of world war one. 1945 to to 1973 You get the yom.kippur war.
    1973 plus 28 years you get to 2001. World trade center attacks.
    Chinese civil war in 1927. Add 28 years you get the Vietnam war.
    Count 28 years from the end vietnam war, 1975 to 2003, you get the iraq war.


    What’s the gematria tell us?


    Is your discovery that if you take an arbitrary number you will find a war involving some country that started or ended in intervals of that number?


    Ler’s see, World War II started in 1931 (Pacific Theatre) and 1939 (European Theatre), though you can aruge it was one World War that started in 1914, and after a “between rounds” break fnished in 1945 (leaving assorted unfinished business such as Korea and the Middle East to fight about). The current war the US is in started in 2001, and shows no sign of ending, and has grown to include the entire Middle East and much of Africa.

    So maybe if you are good at calculus (which deals with infinities and the like), you could tell us when there will be global peace?

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    What about the gulf war? Korean War?

    Utter gibberish


    What about Grenada, Nicaragua, the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, Serbia, and Somalia in the 80s and 90s?


    Try to figure it out. I just gave you the premise. You can always findsome kind of war if you do the math.
    From beginning of vietnam war in 1955, add 28 years you get grenada.
    ,hitler came to power/holocaust started 1933, plus 28 years you get nicaragua

    At the same time are lots of smaller level disputes/excursions.

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    Yes, there was. Just because you people are a little lazy and have no zitzfleish to look for yourself, you say no and make faces.

    You would deny anything, make leitzanus on anything.

    Truth is this is not such a serious thing, really more like an off the cuff observation, which I more than understand can be total nonsense.
    What in the world would the significance of 28 years be??? Nonetheless, it seems to be true, and like I said, was said off the cuff. Yet you still argue on it.
    The point is, no matter what stares you in the face you would make leitzanus on it, even purim torah.

    Merry purim clowns


    what an idiotic thread lol. im loving it.


    Very cool observation
    Thank you for sharing

    Only significance I know of regarding 28 years is ברכת החמה

    Uncle Ben

    Well every 28 years we say Birchas Hachamah which sets of all those battles over who will lead the largest assemblage.
    Happy Chodesh Adar!

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    What’s ליצנות is making up a number which happens to be the same number as ברכת החמה

    There is ALWAYS a war somewhere in the world (hey the Koran war is technically still going on, just like a bunch of other wars

    Maybe I could say every 19 years is a war because the war of independence and then the 6 day war and figure out something that way



    It was obviously meant as a joke.
    You can easily find a war that began or ended in any year. Especially if you have no actual definition of “war” A war began or ended every year

    Just WW2 has 3 start dates in this thread 1931, 1933 and 1939
    “World trade center attacks.” are counted as a war

    It isnt a serious thread. It is supposed to be nonsense


    avreichamshlomo you’ve fallen from your usual standard. 28 is obviously the gematria of the Hebrew word Koach (Kaf-Chet) which means strength, which is what wars are about. How could you not have come up with that one? And if you add the 2 and the 8, you get 10, which gets compressed to 1, which refers to Hashem who is the true Gibor Milchama. And oh wow, the shem hameforesh is 26, just 2 less than 28, which comes out to be, l’havdil, 2x the number of letters in my screen name…
    boy I’m on a roll!


    Actually, there are wars every 13 years: the age of bar mitzvah. Every time the world gets a little destroyed and gets reborn, it fights a war again as soon as it reaches adulthood.

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