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    Reb Eliezer

    The sefardim make a bracha on matzah the whole year mezonos and hamotzi on Pesach.


    TS Baum

    Nobody I know eats one slice as a meal.

    If I have a late dinner planned (example before wedding. and I’m hungery I’ll warm up a slice of Pizza, to “hold me over’
    This is not uncommon.

    both The Star K nd OU write on their website they polled Pizza stores Quote above “ur Kashrus Kurrents pizza poll of current consumer eating habits indicates that the average person consumes one slice of an 18″ pizza (alone, without any sides) as a snack and three slices of an 18″ pizza (alone, without any sides) as a meal. Two slices of an 18″ pizza (alone, without any sides) was questionable. Most pizza shops were in agreement that the average consumer orders 2 slices of pizza with a side dish for dinner.””

    Now I understand YOU don’t do this. But that in no way changes the reality

    you say “But I will try to be dan l’kaf zechus that you really, sincerely consider pizza a snack, so you believe that you can make a mezonos.”

    no it isnt “me” It is EVERYBODY Ive spoken too including poskim, it is EVERY kashrus website. It seems a stretch to say they re all in on this big conspiracy to avoid washing .

    Isn’t it more likely that they are telling the truth, and you just don’t do this?

    Avram in MD

    TS Baum,

    “Any normal person doesn’t eat pizza between meals! It is the meal!”

    This may be partly a generational thing. When I was younger and my parents would pick up a pizza for dinner, my grandfather A”H would insist that other things like pasta, salad, and bread get ordered as well, because as he’d say, “pizza is not dinner, it’s dessert!”

    Anecdote aside, in 2014 the USDA released a survey called “What We Eat in America”, and a document specifically on pizza called “Consumption of Pizza.” Remarkably, on any given day, 1 out of 8 Americans ate pizza. And as far as the breakdown on the type of eating, around 10% of the pizza consumed in America is done so as a snack. So yes the majority of pizza eating is done at mealtimes, but maybe over 4 million pizza snacks occur each day in this nation.

    Avram in MD


    “then why ask a halacha lmishya question to a bunch of ramdom people online instead of asking your rav who paskens your shalos.”

    You’re doing the coffeeroom all wrong.


    not every shayla is a root canal….

    Nor do you go to an endodontist for a colonoscopy. There are poskim with expertise in the subject matter of your shyla based on its complexity but in most cases (aka baracha over pizza) your LRP is the obvious starting point.


    When I asked our Rav back in the olden days when I was a teen, he answered, “The Rebbetzin always serves a slice of bread on the side, so there won’t be a question.”


    @ Avram, I guess if asking my shalos to my posek is wrong, I am proud to be wrong.

    Avram in MD


    Did I say asking shailos of a posek is wrong? Stop being a troll.


    @common saychel
    I asked the question very generally to get all the different opinions in. If I was asking a halachah lemaysah question I would have spoken it out. (Also, my name is Shnuky)


    One screen name per person. And you already have at least two.


    @mod-29 – one for yetzer hara, one for yetzer hatov? how about gilgulim?


    Average woman eats one slice. Average man eats two slices. I’ve never seen anyone eat pizza as a snack. Regardless, I don’t see how you can call pizza stuffed, it’s dough with a topping, certainly not pat haba bikisnin. If the dough is just flour and water it should be hamotzi even for one bite. Everyone follow your Rabbi.



    “If the dough is just flour and water it should be hamotzi even for one bite.”

    If it baked that way you are correct. It seems some frozen pizza is like that they bake flat disks then add sauce/cheese These would be Hamozi.
    Fresh pizza is generally not made this way, rather they take dough cover it with sauce and cheese (sometimes other toppings) and bake it that way. It is not, and never was bread. Thus is not ALWAYS hamozzi, rather it depends on how it is being eaten.

    ” I’ve never seen anyone eat pizza as a snack.”

    So when a man eats one slice what is he doing? you said “Average man eats two slices”

    Also keep inmmind ” I’ve never seen…” isnt really a raayah . TS baum hasnt seen it either. Yet I, Gefiltefish, Avram, Rabbi Belsky Z’L, whoever wrote the OU article on the topic, whoever wrote the Kaf K article, the Star K, the pizza shops polled by those agencies have all seen it

Viewing 13 posts - 51 through 63 (of 63 total)
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