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    Hows the best way to wash tzizit and not have the strings come apart?


    The best way to wash tzitzis that I have found is to soak for a few hours in wool light then rinse them out hang them up to dry and then iron them. I don’t put mine the machine.


    For cotton, just wash them in a mesh bag and be prepared to replace the strings if nessasary. For wool, hand wash only.


    Simply put each set of strings into small sandwich bags and close them tightly with twist ties, and then chuck it in the washing machine. Use a few bags, one over the other, if you want to ensure that no water gets in.

    Menachem Melamed

    If they are made of wool, it is best to dry-clean them. If they are made of cotton it is best to wash the beged by hand, and not wash the strings. The problem is that the strings are normally made of wool, which is easily damaged in the wash. When the strings must be cleaned, immerse them in ammonia and gently wash the ammonia out with lukewarm water. The solution of putting the strings in a bag also works, but does some damage to the strings.


    Sounds funny, but the best way is to put the tzitzis inside a pair of knee highs or tights, tie them at the end, and the strings will stay well 🙂


    There are special bags just for the purpose of washing Tzitzis. These bags can be procured at a Judaica store, @ approximately $3 per bag.

    I have been utilizing these bags for several years already.


    My advice was for wool I don’t own any cotton so I am not sure what to do with them


    I found that dry-cleaning woolen ones removes stains but they come out yellower than before.


    Best way, gets out any stains, i do it once a month for all my tzitzis, and leaves them white (this is for wool)

    Take a bucket, put in the tzitzis, put in a spoon of oxi clean, add warm water (enough to cover tztizis).

    Then mix the water and agitate the tzitzis for about a minute, and let them sit for 15 minutes. If you let them sit for longer then 20 the black will start to bleed. Then agitate them for another minute, take them out and wash under cold water. Hang them up to dry and here you go. If you want you can also iron them

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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