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    Is this annoying anyone else ? We keep getting presents on our sidewalk, and its very annoying…How do people resolve this issue ? Let’s say you set up a video camera and catch someone with their dog doing their business in your yard, then what? Are you going to take this video to the police, and if so, what do you expect them to do with it? Perhaps we can get our elected officials to enforce or adjust rules to address and resolve this issue. Your thoughts on this ?


    I dont have much of a problem with dog droppings in my neighborhood but what i cant stand are those retractable leashes that let your dog go ahead by 15 or 20 feet, so your dog just made a mess and you dont want to be next to this stinky animal well guess what i dont either keep the leash short and keep this animal (yes it is an animal not a person) far away from me.


    I’m also a big proponent of strong laws regarding dogs. Everything they leave must be cleaned up or owners should risk very heavy fines (think of 200 GBP / $300 or so, per time, that should work). And, have regular police enforce it – not just a city’s environmental inspectors (who are never seen).

    I myself have three cats, but they don’t go outside alone, and do all their needs in a litter box. I don’t know why dogs can’t use a litter box (ok, it should be a little big, but still, it would make sense).


    I saw a huge dog w/o a leash today running around the block alone, I called the police and they said …..if he didnt attack anyone there is nothing they can do …..who is running this city ? Also yesterday a guy and his dog w/o a leash where walking past 2 cops and they didnt even flinch


    Sprinkle some red pepper on the sidewalk in front of your house.


    first consider if that would be tzaar baalei chayim. And/or possibly illegal


    lol @ velvelwolf…and your answer is also very humane and a natural way to handle the problem. The dogs will get a chuckle out of it too and get the message in a friendly way.


    Y is it tzaar baalei chaim?

    u r not hurting them..

    they will just stay away from the pepper.

    and out of peoples way..

    if peeper is tzaar baalei chaim

    then I would say a leash is also..


    If you know the owner simply return their gift to their steps.


    “Sprinkle some red pepper on the sidewalk in front of your house.”

    Would that really work ? If so wouldn’t it blow away with the wind or get washed away with the rain ?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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